Metal Inside – ‘Soñando Tu Camino’ Out Now

The heavy metal band from Granada launched their first work in September ‘Soñando Tu Camino’ is a EP with five songs 101% heavy metal that provide us with more than forty intense minutes of music.

A powerful metal cocktail that you have to taste little by little to discover all its ingredients. And all this seasoned with some deep letters in Spanish that speak of friendship, inner reflections or strength of will to overcome obstacles.
Five songs with five stories for metal fans that will not leave you indifferent.



1. ¿Quién Soy Yo?
2. Ave Fénix
3. Inmortal
4. Aquí Estoy Amigo
5. Soñando Tu Camino




Metal Inside is a project by the musician Fco. Javier Rodríguez Guerrero who, with determination and enthusiasm, has shown that a single person can do great things. To record this first project has had the collaboration of the great vocalist, also from Granada, Antonio Luis Rodríguez Ramón.
This artistic name refers to and intends to represent all the people who carry the ‘metal’ through their veins and appreciate something special in this music.

Recorded in the studios FJR from Granada by esteemed producer Enrique B-jeta at the controls, the first Metal Inside album goes a step further in the conception of what is classic heavy metal and good factory.

Presents us some very technical and elaborated subjects where the guitars are the indisputable protagonists. In each track of the EP we are transported to a musical world in which we will discover a great diversity of melodies, rhythm changes and powerful riffs, but without losing constructive coherence that puts all the elements in order.

“Our next step will be to perform live shows in Spain to present this EP that we have prepared with illusion and hard work, of which we are very proud” – Javi Rodríguez – instruments.

Band Line-up:
Antonio Luis Rodríguez Ramón – vocals
Francisco Javier Rodríguez Guerrero – instruments