METALITALIA.COM FEST 2018: full line-up announced!, Eagle Booking Live Promotion and Vertigo are proud to finally present you the program for this year’s Festival.

Once again the main event will take place over two days: on Saturday, September 15 and Sunday, September 16. For the first time in our history a warm-up party has also been scheduled. The pre-festival show will take place on Friday, September 14! Festival continues to strive forward bringing the biggest bands in the world to the Live Club in Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan) while giving emerging bands the chance to support such bands and progress forward keeping the scene thriving!

A fine collection of classic/power metal, epic, doom, black metal and the likes and even a special warm-up gig has been put together with the greatest of care for your enjoyment, and aural punishment if you will. We believe we managed to top last year’s edition once again. Have a look at what we have in store for you here:

WARM-UP – Friday, September 14 2018: – line-up revelead soon! 



DAY 1 – Saturday, September 15 2018

The first day of the main event will be fully dedicated to classic and power metal in all its shades and glory. The bill will be topped by Swedish power metal heroes HAMMERFALL, now celebrating their 25th year of existence, along with German power metal institution RAGE. Earlier in the evening, frontman Peavy Wagner will also be joined by long time friends Chris Efthimiadis and Manni Schmidt under the banner REFUGE to perform tracks from RAGE’s early years along with new hits from their anticipated debut album “Solitary Men”.

Furthermore, we are delighted to be able to confirm Germany’s highlanders GRAVE DIGGER: these long running metallers will be performing a very special set based on their now legendary “Middle Ages Trilogy”, which includes masterpieces such as “Tunes Of War”, “Knights Of The Cross” and “Excalibur”.
The lineup is wrapped up by Italy’s epic metal leaders DOMINE, along with folk metal institution ELVENKING, defiant power-progressive metallers ELDRITCH, cult epic power metal band ROSAE CRUCIS and speed metal newcomers ASGARD!

DAY 2 – Sunday, September 16 2018

After orchestrating glory and gloom across festivals and venues all over Europe and beyond, doom metal masters CANDLEMASS will headline the event’s second day. The band is working on a new album and have just released a new EP aptly entitled “House Of Doom”. CANDLEMASS wll be joined by fellow countrymen TIAMAT. Johan Edlund and his friends haven’t visited Italy in a while and for the occasion they will be performing a very special set covering their masterpieces “Clouds” and “Wildhoney” in full!

Italian melodic death-doom metal instituion, NOVEMBRE also join the eclectic cast, along with infamous doom/depressive black metal commando FORGOTTEN TOMB, who will be performing their highly influential debut album “Songs To Leave” in full! Up and coming doom rockers DOOL will fly the flag for the Netherlands, while Rome’s classic doom metallers DOOMRAISER, cursed stoner rockers CARONTE and occult sludge-doom metallers NIBIRU complete an Italian underground invasion.




DAY 1 – SEPTEMBER 15 2018
HAMMERFALL (best of show)
GRAVE DIGGER (‘The Medieval Trilogy’ special show)

DAY 2 – SEPTEMBER 16 2018
TIAMAT (‘Wildhoney’ & ‘Clouds’ special show)
FORGOTTEN TOMB (‘Songs To Leave’ special show)

Live Music Club – Trezzo sull’Adda (Milan), Italy
14-15-16 September 2018


Single day: €35.00 + fees
Single day on the door: €40.00
Weekend + warm-up party: €60 + fees
Weekend + warm-up party on the door: €70
Warm-up: €10