MICHAEL SCHENKER FEST New Album Out Now + ‘TAKE ME TO THE CHURCH’ Playthrough Released

The first Michael Schenker Fest studio album, Resurrection, is out now! Recording the album alongside producer Michael Voss-Schoen, Schenker was joined by the three legendary M.S.G. singers: Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAuley. Doogie White (Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock) also makes an appearance, as well as musicians Steve Mann (guitars, keyboards), Ted McKenna (drums) and Chris Glen (bass). In addition, there are also some guest appearances from Kirk Hammett, Wayne Findlay and Michael Voss-Schoen.

To celebrate the release, we have released a guitar playthrough for the third single off the album, ‘Take Me To The Church’. Watch Schenker shred alongside the track, here:



The album is available in the following formats:
CD:  http://nblast.de/RessurectionAMZCD
CD + DVD-DIGI (incl. Bonus-DVD):  http://nblast.de/MSFResurrectionCDDVD
CD + DVD Earbook (incl. Bonus-DVD & extended artwork):  http://nblast.de/MSFResurrectionEB
2LP (black gatefold):  http://nblast.de/RessurectionAMZVinyl2
2LP (clear gatefold):  http://nblast.de/RessurectionAMZVinyl
2LP (clear + red splatter in gatefold – NB MAIL ORDER EXCLUSIVE):  http://nblast.de/MSFshop
2LP (gold in gatefold – NB MAIL ORDER EXCLUSIVE):  http://nblast.de/MSFshop
BOX (DIGIPACK CD + Flying V Replica + photo card):  http://nblast.de/MSFshop


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