MIDNITE HELLION “Condemned To Hell” Released 15th September

Out of the barren wastelands of Trenton, NJ, comes MIDNITE HELLION!  Formed in April 2011, the Heavy Metal trio is hell-bent on bringing proper Metal to the masses by fusing Traditional Heavy Metal with Thrash Metal to create a sound that is relentless and infectious.  In their short existence, they have released a 7” single, “Hour of the Wolf,” CD EP, “Enter The Unknown,” and cassette demo, “The Fever,” which all have been met with critical acclaim and high praise.

Witches Brew recording artists MIDNITE HELLION has been delivering high-energy live shows since their inception, having toured the Northeast Coast of the US and were also invited to perform at the Ragnarцkkr Metal Apocalypse 2014 in Chicago, alongside GRIM REAPER, RIOT, PICTURE, THE SKULL, NIGHT DEMON, and many more.  Locally, they have most recently supported UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER in February 2017, and have also supported OVERKILL, PRONG, MUNICIPAL WASTE, RAVEN, DIAMOND HEAD, OZ, ARTILLERY, OBITUARY, BLOOD FEAST, WHIPLASH, DECEASED, MORBID SAINT, ANVIL BITCH, SWASHBUCKLE, and REVOCATION, to name a few.

Armed with their new full-length, the band is hell-bent on bringing their brand of Heavy Metal to the world.

1. Black And White 04:03
2. Death Dealer 04:09
3. Cross The Line 03:25
4. Enter The Nightmare 05:21
5. Soldiers Of Hades 03:49
6. The Fever 04:32
7. Rip It Up 01:47
8. The Morrigan 05:14
9. Teenage Bloodsuckin’ Bimbos 04:16




Line up:
Rich Kubik – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Mario DiBartolo – Guitars
Drew Rizzo – Drums