Mike Christie To Release Solo Record ‘Back Where I Belong’ Out 30th September

After years of bands, blood, and booze, Mike Christie has ventured into the solo arena with his debut record “Back Where I Belong”. Pulling from his punk rock roots, and driven by his rock n roll influences, MC has managed to create something new out of a damaged past.



1) Last Good Bye
2) Pray For Rain
3) One Good Reason
4) One Sided Love
5) Don’t Mind Bleeding
6) Come On Down




Born and raised in Southern California, Mike has a long history with various punk rock bands from the area. Performing with acts like Das Klown, Battalion of Saints, Duane Peter’s Gunfight, and more. At a young age Mike left CA, for the Arizona Desert. Playing in a variety of projects supporting acts like the Bell Rays, Supersuckers, Black Halos, and the Hangmen, Mike was quickly driven back to L.A. to join up with locals A.D.H.D. Touring hard, and partying harder, this line up quickly gained notoriety for behavior on and off the stage. “People were less interested in the music, and more intrigued to see what would happen next”. Touring with Electric Frankenstein, All Time Highs, Riverboat Gamblers, and more, ADHD paid their dues, and had a hell of time doing it. “From what I’ve been told, I had a hell of time. Looking back thru pictures and interviews, it’s amazing any of us even survived.

All good things must come to an end, and after a few benefit/reunion shows, Mike left A.D.H.D. in late 2008. “It was apparent to myself and everyone around me, something had to change. I always thought of music as an outlet, but I had clearly turned this outlet into a justification of behavior no one could support. Getting back on track really took some time. Thanks to the help of some close friends, I was able to pull it together and focus on music again.” After moving back to L.A., Mike found himself greeted by old acquaintances Gene Louis (Bullets and Octane), and Skye Vaughn Jayne (Chelsea Smiles), and formed the Black Marquee. The band quickly turned out their debut album “This Is Not A Test”, and brought in L.A. native Kevin Bombay (No Thanks, Charlie and the Valentine Killers) to round out the line up. Various members came and went, however, Mike and Kevin saw the last album titled “Sessions from the Hive” to completion before disbanding in 2015.

Looking to keep moving, Mike reunited with old band mates the White Demons again and quickly got busy writing. After a decade long hiatus, the White Demons managed to release a new record titled “Bleed It Out” in 2015. Though the reunion was short lived, and Mike found himself back at square one. With the help of Jack Obregon (previous White Demons drummer), Mike began writing what would later become the E.P. “Back Where I Belong”. “I was fortunate to find Jack with the Demons, after sending him some demos I had worked on, he sent me a message “I’m in”, and with no formal plan we got right to work.”

Gravitating towards his influences, and adding a few tricks he picked up along the way, “Back Where I Belong” is a driven and raw record that pays homage to Mike’s past and his present all at the same time. It’s everything rock music is missing these days.