MILL OF STONE Release New Album Today!

The band from Treviso MILL OF STONE announces the release of new self-titled album “MILL OF STONE”, which is released in digital form via MASD RECORDS today.

Says the band:

“The lyrics of the demo speak of personal experiences, relationships between people and the relationship between people and the environment …”

The band’s symbol is represented by Tangaroa god of the seas and rivers that unites them and governs them, the center the wheel which represents time, the origins ….


1 – Chemtrails

2 – Rise Your Fist

3 – End Of Faith

4 – Into The Darkness

5 – Reaction

MILL OF STONE is a musical project Thrash Metal was born in February 2016, formed by musicians from other bands of the province of Treviso. Their intent is to create something original and very powerful Their name was chosen to honor the “Mulinetto Croda”, an ancient water mill, which has hosted them for a few years. The group begins his journey with several concerts in the area before moving in Vicenza through Vicenza rock contest, which will open for them a continuous evolution of concerts that also involves the Ferrock Festival opening dances to Fleshgod Apocalypse and Boston Square with Marco Angelo and NIGHTRAGE, historical greek-Swedish group. The Mill of the Stone come to play even Spiorock Festival as a support to EVILSONIC, tribute band Slipknot. The group opens its concerts with a performance called HAKA, an ancient dance of Maori origins, often accompanied by drummers and dancers, with the intent of mixing the various culture.Le musical influences come from the old school thrash / hardcore 80s – 90, combined with tribal rhythms. You can hear influences of Sepultura, Testament, Agnostic Front, Napalm Death …. They start in 2018 to work on a first self-produced demo with the participation of Marios Iliopoulos (NIGHTRAGE of guitarist), in the mastering stage.