Mind’s Cove – ‘Drift’ Out Now

Drift is the first Album from the italian Metal project Mind’s Cove.The album title refers to how emotions and impulses can be an unrelenting force prevailing over consciousness like waves dragging you into the open sea, a recurring theme across all eight songs of the Album. Many of these songs contain several sections with fast drums and aggressive riffs that change quickly and often, while others are slow paced and emotional, but they’re all focused on creating powerful melodies, driven by clean vocals.



1.The Snake Inside
2.Sordid Liar
3.Early Sun
5.Broken Stones
7.Black Tickets
8.The Desert’s Still Waiting



There’s a place within us where the collective of our thoughts, memories, experiences and perceptions tacitly create something beyond expectations, waiting to be brought to light.

Mind’s Cove is a Metal Studio project started in 2016 by singer Matteo Melita, who felt he gathered so many musical ideas in his head that he had to let them out. With the help of Guitarist Sergio Camelia, He managed to to give these riffs and melodies a proper form. Together they began to write the eight songs he had in mind and when they felt it was necessary to take a further step, they recruited Andrea Calabrò on the drums. Andrea grew so fond of the project that he wanted to help funding it. All three contacted producer Marco Maria Pennisi in order to make a professional recording . A longtime friend and collaborator of Marco Maria, Angelo Trimarchi, took on the role of the bassist, so the newly formed Line-up began recording the tracks that make up the LP titled ‘Drift’.

Now that the album is on every platform, the Band has found a new bassist in Alessandro Scalia and is currently rehearsing in preparation for a future live promotion.

Band Line-up:
Matteo Melita – vocals
Sergio Camelia – guitar
Andrea Calabrò – drums
Alessandro Scalia – bass