Moonlight Prophecy ‘Vanquished’ Out 10 November 2017

Mere months after the release of the Eternal Oblivion EP, MOONLIGHT PROPHECY is back with their debut full-length album VANQUISHED. The album consists of 10 shred heavy, yet hooky tracks and is recommended for fans of Dragonforce, and Nevermore.

Moonlight Prophecy is a thrash/Power metal band formed in March of 2017 after the founder, Lawrence Wallace decided to rename his instrumental shred project “Lawrence’s Creation” and move more toward vocal oriented music. He is joined with bass player, Mika Mage who he has previously worked with in other projects. They are mainly a studio band because the four of them live in all different parts of the world (The USA, Brazil and Norway). They had Raphael Gazal and Persou M. In as session musicians for vocals and drums, with Dustin Hughes as a guest singer on the track Eternal Oblivion. Moonlight Prophecy, aside from branching off from a previous instrumental shred project is a very new band geared mainly toward thrash, power, and progressive metal with elements of other styles also. Fast crazy drums, ripping solos and lots of melody await the listener with this powerful new project! 


01 Abandonned
02 Escape The Ruins
03 The End Times
04 Spellbound
05 Fading Away
06 Fury M
07 Never Forgotten
08 Eternal Oblivion
09 Witch Hunt
10 Omen Under The Stars