MULE SKINNER present their crushing second album!

Formed in 1990, MULE SKINNER stands as one of the first death/grind outfits spawned by the infernal circles of New Orleans that also gave birth to bands like Eyehategod, Crowbar, Soilent Green, Exhorder and so on. Since their first demo, they proved to take no prisoners with their tight, neck-breaking grindcore aggression.

“Airstrike” marks their merciless comeback 23 years after their devastating debut album “Abuse” and it sounds like no time has passed since then, as they are even faster and more crushing. Ballistic blast beats, caustic vocals and highly addictive riffs make the 13 songs on this new full length a complete aural warfare in the race to be one of the best grind albums of the year, recommended to fans of Assuck, Terrorizer, Flesh Parade, early Brutal Truth etc.


01. Suicide Vest
02. Airstrike
03. Bone & Debris
04. Chocking Agent
05. Bred to Destroy
06. Sovereignty
07. Firing Squads
08. Battle Worshiper
09. Among Sheep
10. Faith in Blood
11. Backbone
12. Tactical Control
13. Fuse

“Airstrike” is avaiable on LP and CD via Italy’s F.O.A.D. Records.


“Airstrike” LP:

“Airstrike” CD: