Killed To Death. These three words describe, with perfect finality, the post-listening experience of a brand new entry into the hallowed halls of the sub-genre of Sonic Sewage Slam. Just as that title implies, this is some crazy-ass shit, brought to you by the same crazy-ass mofo behind legendary brutalizers NECROEXOPHILIA, one Justin McNeil.

Unlike the aforementioned, where Justin is but one-half of the team, this project, which goes by the moniker MURDERED, sees Justin as the sole creator. With the freedom to do whatever the fuck he pleases, Justin has shit forth such wonderfully-ridiculous songs such as ‘Satanic Slam Dancing Ritual’, ‘Psychotic Defecation’, and ‘Molesting Your Insides’, to name just a few.

If you are into licking public toilet seats and huffing the dank depths of porta potties, well, there is a good chance you are gonna love this album. Hell, if you simply love fun, superbly-executed slam, there is no doubt you’ll also love this!


1. Rotting Retard
2. Satanic Slam Dancing Ritual
3. Psychotic Defecation
4. Spewing Massive Entrails
5. Molesting Your Insides
6. Demented Degenerate
7. Foul Bestial Remnants
8. Killed, Then Raped
9. Corroded Hacksaw Dismemberment
10. Possessed Corpse



Justin McNeil – Everything

Recorded by Murdered
Mixed and mastered by Nihilistic Mixes
Album art by Raymond Art
Rotting Retard composed by Corey Shelton

Listen to ‘Psychotic Defecation’ below!