Neon Saturdays Unveil ‘Freaks In The Ocean’ Album details

Indie pop-rockers Neon Saturdays are delighted to announce details of their upcoming new album ‘Freaks In The Ocean’ that is due for release on the 9th November 2018.

Neon Saturdays always knew they wanted this album to be the best it could be, having spent the last few years building a huge collection of songs ideas, they meticulously narrowed this down to the 12 tracks that form ‘Freaks In The Ocean’.

Vocalist Andris explains:

“The songs were written 1-3 years ago. After the first album and tours we took a year off. We wrote around 100+ song ideas and after many discussions and hours of studio work, we found around 20 songs that might find the place in the album.

We then had to find the right producer, after scouring the world we found Lewis Gardiner from Scotland, we thought that he could add different cool things to our music. Basically, we are a 4-piece rock band and we knew that we need a 5th member who can take our beats and synths to the whole new level. We heard what Lewis was doing with other bands and we knew he would be a perfect fit for us.”


01 Phoenix
02 Turn Back Time
03 Since Seventeen
04 Heartbeat
05 Restless
06 I’m Alive
07 Lessons Never Learned
09 Movie Love
10 Down
11 Get Up
12 I Don’t Mind (bonus track)


Discussing ‘Freaks In The Ocean’, bassist Martins explains:

“The album title was created as an ironical parody of the expression “sharks in the ocean” – we know that we don’t belong to the fiercest, strongest and most dominant layers of our society but we don’t also quite fit in where it looks like we should and all of our lives we have been perceived as quite freaky. And I’m not talking as much about the looks as about the way we think and act upon, as we set ourselves constantly out of the box for it is just much more fun outside. And we sincerely think that this is the century for people that feel out of place.

I wouldn’t say that we were inspired by something or created a concept to follow, each song was a separate story that came out quite naturally since it was based on our own experiences, issues in society that troubled us and where we had a clear opinion to state, even some more or less tragic personal stories. That is also why the musical vibe changes throughout the whole album. It touches various topics such as breaking the obedient society routine, repeating parental mistakes, searching for something new when you think you’ve already ‘seen it all’.”

Neon Saturdays have released 2 singles from the album already, Get Up and Phoenix. The band are committed to providing exceptional visuals to go along with their music, and this can be seen at work on both videos so far.

Check them out below:



More about Neon Saturdays:
In 2015 Neon Saturdays was one of the first Latvian acts to play The Great Escape in UK. In 2016 the band opened for the British rock band James.

In July 2018, the band opened for the American singer LP (Laura Pergolizzi) in Latvia, playing for 4000 people.

Neon Saturdays’ music has also received a well-deserved recognition by Tim Fraser, an internationally well-known songwriter (Tina Turner, Billie Myers), partner of Artists United and a member of BASCA’s Songwriters Executive Committee.

Neon Saturdays are:

Andris Evelis – lead singer, guitar
Edvins Rakickis – lead guitar, backing vocals
Martins Rudzitis – bass, backing vocals
Linards Lazdins – drums