Neonstrike release debut EP ‘Sins of the Flesh’

‘Sins of the Flesh’ is the debut EP from young new UK hair metal band Neonstrike. Neonstrike have captured the beating neon soul of the eighties, while injecting their own unique burst of adrenaline to the genre.




1. On the Front Lines of Love
2. Against the Storm
3. Ignite the Nite
4. Heaven Knows




From the neon-drenched streets of Reading, Neonstrike is a fresh UK hair metal band primed for lift off with their debut EP ‘Sins of the Flesh’. Fuelled by synth-heavy hooks and supernova guitar solos suitable for any high speed car chase, nothing can stop this band from reaching orbit.

Neonstrike is made up of members of Asira, Pythia and Cairiss, united by a mutual love of classic glam rock and all things 80s. Having already taken on the South of England together in cover band Hair Force One, they turned their hand to writing new anthems which capture the spirit of a bygone neon era.

This is music to be played at high volume, preferably while walking away from a slow-motion explosion.



Band Line-up:
Jack Reynolds – vocals/guitars
Sophie Dorman – vocals
Ethan Bishop – bass
Connor Frapwell – drums