New Model Army have announced a revolutionary two-night event at the
Round Chapel in Hackney, London, April 13 th /14 th 2018.


“You know those moments when a band plays quietly and the whole audience sings
the words? Sometimes, these are the most emotional experiences – because singing
together is the oldest and most basic form of human art, something primal and
truly shared. So we are planning two nights of just this, which, to the best of our
knowledge, has never been attempted by any band ever.
We have chosen the Round Chapel in Hackney both for its amazing open acoustics
and for the circular layout of the room, which we believe will be perfect for the
spirit of the event.

These are not concerts as such; this is a community singing event for all those
people who love our songs, who love singing and love the feeling of singing together
with others. The venue will be fully seated around a small stage constructed in the
centre of the room; the whole band will be playing but the arrangements will be
deliberately stripped down and very quiet – there will be no big PA system. The
nights will be all about the participation and voices of everyone who comes.

While we are open to suggestions, ultimately we will choose the songs that lend
themselves best to the idea – strong melodies and slower, easy vocal rhythms will
suit best and we will vary these over the two nights. We will issue song-books
(included in the price of the ticket) as we understand that people often know
particular lines and choruses but usually not all the lyrics; and, of course, we plan
to record and film both nights.”


If you love singing and love New Model Army songs and love the sense of
community that we have created over the years, we hope you’ll join with us
from all different corners of the World for these special nights.

Tickets went on sale from the band’s own website at
(in order to undercut crazy ticket agency fees) on two weeks ago and sold out
within an hour.

UPDATE: A further Sunday matinee show on the afternoon of April 15 th has now
been announced.