NIGGGHT: “Sloppy Drunk” video unveiled; “Violent Delicacy” EP out March 22nd

Montréal’s electro-doom duo NIGGGHT invites you into their world of debauchery, with their debut EP ‘Violent Delicacy’ coming March 22nd on digital.

Listen and watch a third excerpt below!

‘Sloppy Drunk’ is the third excerpt off NIGGGHT’s ‘Violent Delicacy’ EP — and a cover of Lucille Bogan’s 1930 ‘Sloppy Drunk Blues’. Highly toxic and hangover-induced, it’s undeniably the darkest and doomiest of all four songs that form this unique record. Vincent’s moody, baritone complaint lays on top of a buzzing, down-tuned groove, which sluggish pace gets laced by bluesy licks. Definitely not for the faint of heart, not the sake of your own sanity.

Formed two years ago in Montréal, NIGGGHT is a slow-moving, two-headed beast driven by the dark rumbling of Double D’s machines and topped by the crossroads-worthy riffs and sleazy vocals of Vincent Houde (also of Dopethrone). Their debut EP “Violent Delicacy” is not a record you can or want to pigeonhole. It’s not organic not electronic, but one thing we know for sure: it is perfectly orchestrated evil. NIGGGHT’s bluesy experimentations form a delightful sonic sleaze filled with no-fucks-given complaints from the guts and gutter. “Violent Delicacy” will be available from March 22 via Bandcamp only. Also listen to new songs ‘Rudolf’ and ‘Leaving Here’

NIGGGHT “Violent Delicacy” EP
Out March 22nd on Bandcamp

1. Leavin’
2. Hell Rising
3. Rudolf
4. Sloppy Drunk 

Vocals, guitar, bass : Vincent
Drums, machines, arrangements and recording : Double D