Nocean – ‘Diamond’ Out Dec 1st

Nocean is one of Sweden’s latest bands on the rise and 2016 they released their first single from this album and it was also the first Swedish rock video filmed in 360 degrees (The Change). Diamond consists ten tracks with melodic, alternative rock and a strong female voice in the front. Influences of metal, electronic elements and a powerful well produced sound. On 17th of November, Nocean will release a third single – Here For You along with a new 360 music video. The album is distributed through Sony Music’s subsidiary, Rambo Music.


01. Prologue
02. You Are Diamond
03. Done
04. The Change
05. Beautiful
06. Causing Chaos
07. Those Days
08. Here For You
09. This Must Be
10. Forgotten




Nocean is the first rock band in Sweden that has released a music video with 360 degrees footage (The Change). They have toured a lot in Europe, played Sweden Rock Festival 2017 and they are soon releasing a brand new album on Rambo Music (subsidiary to Sony Music).

From the suburbs of Stockholm comes a new, alternative rock band, breaking through the asphalt and diverging from the masses. Nocean combines melodic, alternative rock and metal with electronic elements and a massive, well produced sound. They live and breathe their music with a positive approach.
– We decide what we want to do – and then we do it, singer Hanna says.

Nocean was formed in 2013 as a classical hard rock band and has released one debut album, Nothing To Hide (Attitude Recordings, 2016). During the summer of 2016, the band made some changes to the line up and also decided to take a new direction with their sound on the second album. Today they have their own label, and they are signed to Rambo Music (subsidiary of Sony Music) for distribution. Nocean’s second album – Diamond – will be released worldwide on 1st of December. In the beginning of 2018 they will go on a European tour.


Band Members
Hanna – vocals.
Oscar – guitar.
Patrick – drums.
Daniel – bass.