Orchestrated Misery Recordings Announce Upcoming Bombardment of Metal

Heavy Metal label Orchestrated Misery Recordings has begun the holidays by churning blood in the water as it begins its audio assault on the thriving underground. Over the next few months the D.I.Y. label will be releasing four to five CDs of death, grind, stoner metal, and madness. Look for upcoming releases from Sweden’s Mourning Sign, as well as Indiana’s Psychomancer and Yellowtooth, plus grind/death masters Corporation SS. Several more are in the works for the early spring and summer.

The first to transition will be Sweden’s progressive death mongers Mourning Sign, who will release their album Contra Mundum on December 20. Having formed in 1992, the band went on hiatus in 1997 after their second monstrous release Multiverse, which crushed synapses and arteries. Limited to only 500 copies, this will be a sought after release and features some incredible lead guitar. This third installment from the band features 10 songs of chaos and the guitar wizardry of guitarist/vocalist Kari Kainulainen!

Next to be released from the label (February/March 2019 ) will be Indiana’s death metalhorde Psychomancer, who are currently finishing up their second full length with Dan Klein (Iron Hand Audio) in Chicago, Illinois. Coming after five releases since their formation in 1997, this 11-song blitzkrieg has sounds reminiscent of early Scandinavian death metal! Very vicious! Very brutal!

Then, in the spring and summer of 2019, you will be treated to the penetrating sounds of the stoner/sludge/thrash mavens in Yellowtooth and the grind/death from Corporation SS!