Osmium Guillotine “A Million To One” Out Now

Combining 80’s heavy metal with punk, doom and classic rock, Osmium Guillotine present a fresh take on a classic sound with a modern attitude.

Covering topics from historic battles to legendary ales, Osmium Guillotine is guaranteed to get crowds moving at any show.



Over their 8 years on the live music scene, Osmium Guillotine have shared the stage with various legendary acts over the years (from punk icons Sham 69 to former Maiden alumni Blaze Bayley, Doug Sampson and Dennis Stratton) and have built up a loyal following.

The band recorded their second full-length album ‘A Million To One’ at HVR Studios in 2018, they were then joined by new lead vocalist, Dan Mailer, who has since re-recorded the vocals and the album is now ready to be unleashed.