Paradise Lost – Medusa (Released 1st September)

Medusa is the forthcoming fifteenth studio album from doom metal band Paradise Lost. It’s due for release on 1 September, and is being released via Nuclear Blast records.

Guitarist Greg Mackintosh said of the record, “The new album will be slower, sludgier and more doom filled than ever before.” He adds that it will be “eight riff laden monster tracks of sheer Northern misery.”

It will be the first album with new drummer Waltteri Väyrynen, who took over from Adrian Erlandsson after the release of ‘The Plague Within’ in 2015.

In support of the albums release, the band announced plans for a European tour in late 2017, with support from Pallbearer and Sinistro.

Fearless Sky – 8:30
Gods Of Ancient – 5:50
From The Gallows – 3:42
The Longest Winter – 4:31
Medusa – 6:20
No Passage For The Dead – 4:16
Blood And Chaos – 3:51
Until The Grave – 5:41
Frozen Illusion (bonus track) – 5:45
Shrines (bonus track) – 3:59
Symbolic Virtue (bonus track) – 4:38



Most people will know Medusa as the Gorgon from Greek mythology; she is the infamous beast with venomous snakes for hair who will turn anyone that dares to look into her eyes to stone. 

It is this hideous creature who PARADISE LOST have chosen to be the figure head for their 15th studio album, as, from a philosophical perspective, she is more than simply a monster.