Peddle Train ‘Natural Disaster’ Out Now

Peddle Train formed and began recording by sheer good luck and a lot of hard work. Much like a happy accident, Peddle Train first formed to play cover tunes and perform in clubs. Through some member changes and some ideas regarding only doing original music based on the influence of the southern rock of their youth, they started writing. What has come from that is a very honest album that weaves the stories and experiences of their past in a way that can relate to everyone. The band is very excited to share this first album with you and is very much looking forward to the development of this original sound. The new chapter is just around the corner.


1. Gasoline
2. Crawlin’
3. Drank from The Same Glass
4. Father’s Sins
5. Hole in the Wall
6. Devil Rides My Back
7. Losers Make the Best Friends
8. Hot Wheels
9. Natural Disaster
10. Save the Planet



What do you get when you put a handful of seasoned musicians with differing backgrounds and influences into a room and say “Write”? You get “Peddle Train” of course. Highly charged, guitar/vocal driven southern fried gumbo with honest, heartfelt stories. It was through sheer determination and a lot of belief that the album “Natural Disaster” even got completed. Each of the musicians in the band have been staples on the Vancouver music scene for decades. Each having their own niche and project on the go and having gained local success individually. Coming together for this album and band was a truly unique experience that has guided us to this point in working as a band. It has been quite a ride on this train. We are excited for the next release and doing more shows. The crowd at our shows have been extremely supportive.

The album “Natural Disaster” was produced by Peddle Train’s guitarist and co-writer of the album, Michael Schau. Michael’s musical history started in 1979 and has since been nominated for several awards (Michael Schau & Highway 61) and has shared the stage with Taj Mahal, Otis Rush, Johnny Winter, Colin James, Buddy Miles, just to name a few. Michael has devoted his entire life to the creation and passion of music and in 2011 started his own studio called Axis Music Productions. This is an Independent release.

So, where do we go from here? Well, onward and upward. We are very passionate about the music that we create, and we love to play live shows. We play each and every show as if it were our last and pour every ounce of energy into them. Highly charged and animated, the entire band is a powerhouse wrecking crew that are determined to bring our best to every show. The audience deserves that. And the front man, Chris Gilburg is a seasoned entertainer with an incredible power and passion to his vocal delivery. Let’s Rock this place and take no prisoners on the way.
Michael Schau – Guitarist/Vocalist

Band Lineup:
Chris Gilburg – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar
Michael Schau – Guitar/Vocals
Jac Garret – Bass/Vocals
Rylan Eamon Wood – Drums
Dave Skinner – Guitar/Vocals