PIG New Album ‘Risen’ Out 8th June

Some Messiahs deliver their Gospel, hang out for a long weekend & then leave the rest to the followers. The Lord Of The Lard calls on Ben Christo, Z.Marr, En Esch, Tim Skold, Marc Heal, Phil Barry, Mark Thwaite, Anita Sylph & Emre Ramazanoglu & gets to work on bringing glam to the damned. “Risen” is the unadulterated & driven sound of pure , adorned only by the poetry Raymond Watts provides.


1. The Chosen Few
2.Morphine Machine
3.Loud Lawless & Lost
4.The Revelation (Misinterpretation Mix)
5.Truth Is Sin
6.The Vice Girls
7.Rise & Repent (Descent Mix)
8.Leather Pig
9.When I’m Done (Delivered Mix)
10.The Cult Of Chaos
11.The Hangman’s Wooing
12.Prey & Obey (Disobey Mix)
13.Hard Machine (Lard Machine Mix)
14.Ecstacy & Exorcism (Excoriation Variation Mix)



Pig’s new album ‘Risen’ is released the 8th June via Metropolis Records.