Plan Three – Wish I Was Stormborne OUT NOW!

Over six years in the making, Plan Three will follow up their 2009 debut album “Screaming our Sins” and 2011 EP “The Signal – Part One” with their much-anticipated sophomore full length “Wish I Was Stormborne”.
“The road here hasn’t been straight nor without obstacles and that is why we are extra excited. Our fans have shown us loyalty, love and respect for almost a decade and the album will represent the same back to them. It is time, we are finally ready to release this album.”
/Plan Three
Featuring 11 solid anthems the album will include the previously released track ‘When Everything Comes To An End’,’Welcome To The Edge’, ‘The Otherside’ and ‘Echo’.
1. Welcome To The Edge 
2. The Otherside
3. Echo   
4. Carl Sagan
5. Photograph
6. Wish I Was Stormborne
7. Unveil The Unknown
8. Where Do We Go From Here
9. Oblivion  
10. Burn
11. When Everything Comes To An End