Pretty Little Enemy Take You Through “Never Say Goodbye” With Bass And Guitar Playthrough Videos

With their most recent single Never Say Goodbye racking up the radio airplay at stations all over the UK, South West party rockers Pretty Little Enemy wanted to bring their fans a different take on their latest single.

With frontwoman Louise Body proving to be rather handy behind a camera as well as in front of one, the band have produced two playthrough videos to help fans who may want to pick up their own axe of choice to get to grips with Pretty Little Enemy’s new track.

Featuring bassist Jason Coles in the first and guitarist Georgia Bell in the second, these tutorial / focus videos bring a great new focus to what has been one of Pretty Little Enemy’s most successful songs so far. They are also very far from your standard studio or “in front of a computer” playthrough, as you will be able to see from the clips themselves.

Check them out below:




Pretty Little Enemy’s very own Louise Body talks about ‘Never Say Goodbye’,
“Following on from our previous EP, we’ve been knuckling down and crafting songs that we are really proud of. We chose to lay down Never Say Goodbye first as it’s a catchy rock-pop infused sing along which toys with your heartstrings. It touches on the subject of grief and the overwhelming and difficult process of moving on. We had a blast recording this and we can’t wait to share the next step of our journey with everyone.”

Never Say Goodbye is available to stream or purchase from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and all other good retailers.

The full music video for the track will be released very soon – so watch this space!



About Pretty Little Enemy:

Since their formation in early 2015, Pretty Little Enemy have built up a dedicated following in the South West which is quickly spreading across the rest of the UK and beyond.

The self proclaimed “Metal ABBA” have earned a reputation for putting on a great show, and this has led to support slots with the likes of Crazy Town, Hed P.E, Dave McPherson, The Lounge Kittens, Courage My Love, Halflives, Empire and The Gospel Youth amongst others. The release of their Second Load EP in September 2017 has taken them to new heights, and lots of great new things are set for the band in 2018.

With the fierce determination to widen their musical reach and gain new fans, Pretty Little Enemy are coming for you, and trust us, you are not ready for them.
Pretty Little Enemy are:

Louise Body – Vocals
Georgia Bell – Guitar
Jason Coles – Bass
Ben Dean – Drums