Prey Drive Interview

Werock had the chance to catch up via mailer with up and coming Norwich based  alt rockers ‘Prey Drive’ where we discussed their debut Ep ‘Tabula Rasa’ their recent tour and cars check out what this great bunch of rockers had to say:


WeRockWebzine: First of all thank you for this interview opportunity, could i ask where the name came from?
Prey Drive: Brad came up with a bunch of suggestions for band names, Prey Drive being one of them, meaning an animals instinct to hunt. As a huge animal lover, Steve loved this and Paul and Christian had no objections, and so the band was named!
WeRockWebzine:  And your major musical influences?
Prey Drive: A whole mix of bands really, but musically bands like Circa Survive, Thrice and Brand New. Lyrically and vocally artists like Bon Iver and Jesse Lacey from Brand New. Brad is also a huge fan of John Lennon.


WeRockWebzine: Your Debut E.P. ‘Tabula Rasa’ what can music fans expect to hear?
Prey Drive: Dynamic rock music: heavy guitars with angelic vocals. You should be able to hear out influences in the music, but hopefully the songs aren’t carbon copies of bands we like: hopefully people can hear our own style in there too.


WeRockWebzine: And who does the song writing Or is it a joint effort?
Prey Drive: Steve writes most of the music and Brad all the lyrics and vocals. We then come together in the rehearsal room where Paul and Christian help us structure and arrange the songs. But it’ll all usually start with a demo from Steve and just snowball from there.


WeRockWebzine: And when did the writing for the Tabula Rasa begin?
Prey Drive: Steve had the songs for ‘Tabula Rasa’ about 2 years before the band was even formed. He and Brad demoed a few songs but nothing ever materialised from them. After a couple of years, Steve decided he wanted to do something with the songs and so started to piece together Prey Drive. The songs came together really quickly in the rehearsal room which gave us the impetus to keep going and make something happen.


WeRockWebzine: So how was the tour was there much difference from when you toured as session musicians?
Prey Drive: Tour was great, we couldn’t have asked for a better response as a new band. We had a lot of fun and met some great people who we look forward to seeing next time!
In terms of a difference where sessioning is concerned, although Paul and Christian were not part of Slaves, it didn’t really feel like that. “while we were out with them, we were part of it. The only real difference was how surreal it felt to being playing big festivals and the pressures we probably put on ourselves to do someone else’s music justice. Still the same great feeling though!”


WeRockWebzine: And is there plans for a full length album?
Prey Drive: We’re now writing for our next release which we hope will be a full length album. We have about 6/7 ideas that are almost complete and hope to write another 3 or 4 more. We’re not entirely sure how we’ll record it – whether we go to a studio and work with someone else, or whether we record it ourselves, like we did with ‘Tabula Rasa’, however we’re all pretty adamant that we want it pressed to vinyl.


WeRockWebzine: Who would be the artist you would most like to share the stage with alive/dead?
Prey Drive: Steve: I’d personally love to share the stage with Thrice – they have such an epic back catalogue of music and keep writing great albums. They seem like down to earth people too and I think we’d be a great opening act for them! 


WeRockWebzine: Although relatively new on the scene what would you like for the future?
Prey Drive: We’re definitely keen to release a full length and tour Europe again. We had such a blast out there a few weeks ago, the reception was amazing and the hospitality was unrivalled. We’d like to play more shows all over the UK too – we just want to keep control of what we’re doing and get it heard by as many people as possible.


WeRockWebzine: If there is a major festival where you could headline which would it be?
Prey Drive: 2000 Trees is a great alternative/rock festival which would be amazing to play – anywhere on the bill! I guess iconic festivals are Download and Reading in the UK – or Coachella in the US or Rock Am Ring in Germany. Such huge rock festivals – we’d settle for any of those…..


WeRockWebzine: Finally what would your dream car be?
Prey Drive: Steve: I’d like something comfortable and practical that looks cool – I like the Nissan Navarra Trucks. Touring in one of those would be awesome – comfortable, large and storage for all the gear: job done! I’m not bothered by fast/super cars as you can’t really let them loose to their full potential in the UK, so I’ll definitely go with the truck option. Christian: Cars aren’t usually my thing but I would love either a 1970’s Ford Capri or a late 80’s Mecedes 500SL… They are f****g cool!
Finally Thank You To The Guys From Prey Drive For The Interview Keep Rockin \m/\m/




‘Tabula Rasa’ Out Now