Primitai ‘The Calling’ Released 25th May

Get ready as something special is about to be unleashed, heed “The Calling” by PRIMITAI, it’s a killer slab of high quality melodic metal. Primitai (pronouned Primi-tie) are a London based melodic metal band drawing inspiration from classic heavy metal and combining it with a modern production, intensity and a subtle progressive edge. Whether sharing the stage with NWOBHM bands like Saxon, power metallers Edguy, thrash bands like Warbringer, or even Scandinavian sleaze rock like Crashdiet, the power, melody and intensity of Primitai’s songs and performance has struck a chord with fans across a wide spectrum of metal.


Possess Me 1:18
Demons Inside 5:30
Overdrive 5:07
Curse of Olympus 5:52
No Survivors 6:37
Memories Lost 5:47
The Calling 6:27
Into the Light 6:08
Into the Dark 5:12
Tempest Returns 5:59