Prophetic Scourge’s ‘Calvary’ LP Out Today

Born from the ashes of Scars on Murmansk and Alshamath, Prophetic Scourge is a young group from South France playing a progressive yet extremely brutal death metal.

Founded in 2013 by vocalist Josh Smith, guitarists Robin Claude and Romain Larregain, drummer Jon Erviti and bassist Olivier, the group recorded their first effort, a five-track demo titled “Corrupt Karmik Invigilators” in early 2015. The demo garnered some positive reactions in French media and allowed the quintet to play in France and Spain, securing opening slots for bands such as Six Feet Under, Eryn Non Dae, Fleshdoll, Psykup and Benighted.

Motivated by such enthusiastic reactions, the group begins the work on their first album “Calvary”, which is finally set for release via Klonosphere Records/Season of Mist. Introducing new bass player Thibault Claude, “Calvary” sees the Frenchmen perfecting and razor-sharpening their death metal style, adding elements of prog, thrash and black metal to make it more interesting and diverse.



The Penitent – Confrère De La Miséricorde 9:10
The Witchfinder – Until Your Flesh Departs 5:22
The Flagellant – Whipping To Epiphany 4:25
The Medium – A Spider Goddess Is Revealed 7:02
The Hierophant – Bringing Lost Sheep Back To The 8:29
The Alchemist – Caging The Homunculi (In Water At 5:34
The Apostate – Enlightening Inviting Denial 7:13
The Cultist – The Rise Of The Great Lord Cthulhu 7:35



Lyrically, “Calvary” draws inspiration from authors such as H.P. Lovecraft, Franck Herbert and Steven Erikson, exploring phantasmagorical, occult and ancestral themes. The lyrics are exercises in introspection that aim to challenge the listener on a spiritual level, while the music pummels the eardrums of listeners with heavy, razor-sharp riffs, a punishing rhythmic section and intensely brutal riffs.