The band Rainfall Today has already been known to many in St. Petersburg for its music, excellent vocalist and heavy music since their inception in September 2015! They cite their influences as including Asking Alexandria, Evanescence, Deftones and Alice In Chains to name but a few and this gives an indication to their hard modern sound topped with strong melodies and performances. In 2016, the band released their first mini-album In Your Headwhich the band promoted with extensive concerts in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities. Tracks were also aired on Channel 5, St. Petersburg, Live78, were in rotation on Radio Rox and Radio Maximum! All this activity was followed in 2017 by the follow-up single Never Never which was the first song made available from their upcoming 2018 album.

Now Rainfall Today find themselves working together with Sliptrick Records. The new album is complete and live dates in the works. The forthcoming release goes by the title of Eternal and is set for worldwide release soon. Stay tuned!

Rainfall Today are:
Yana Samarina – Vocals | Dmitriy (Sam) Samsonenko – Guitar | Alexander Prokhorov – Guitar | Alexander Korolev – Keyboards/Electronic