Alternative/melodic rock outfit Restless Streets has just premiered a brand new music video for the illusory, fanciful and romantic new single – “Twin Flame” (exclusively presented on Alternative Press) – that immerses the listeners in aural illusion and melancholic atmosphere, full of nuanced and refined melodies

Discussing the track, the band explains: “This song examines the concept of twin flames. Some ancient philosophers believed a soul could be split in two.  A person can have many soul mates, but only one twin flame, the other half of your soul.”

Additionally, Restless Streets‘ highly anticipated brand new EP – “Together” – has been also released today! Digital copies of the record can now be purchased at iTunes and physical copies are available at the band’s merch store! “Together” features a number of standout, emotional singles, featuring the incredibly successful recent singles “A Little More Us” and “Wrong Kids”, which impressed media outlets and fans all over the world. Enclosing a mixture of honest and raw emotions influenced by each member’s personal life experiences, this record aims to prove the band’s place among the scene’s most elite artists.

Providing further details about the release, Restless Streets shares: “This EP is a collection of songs written about the things that can bring people closer and the things that can draw them apart. The record is about feelings changing, sex, substance, addiction, lust, and the naive, vulnerable mindset you have when you’re young and in love.”



1. “A Little More Us”
2. “Roots Dig In”
3. “Twin Flame”
4. “Wrong Kids”
5. “Glow”
6. “Drive Fast”
7. “Dreamers”