Romeos Daughter Interview Hrh Aor March

It Was Not All Demons And Hellfire At Hrh Aor, As We Caught Up With The Delightfully Delectable Melodic Rockers Romeo’s Daughter Here Is What They Had To Say


Werockwebzine:: Hi good to see you. Thanks for coming.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Hi, ohhh!!! sweets, what a good idea.

Werockwebzine:: Help yourselves, it breaks the ice.

Werockwebzine:: It was a brilliant show.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Thank you, thank you very much.

Werockwebzine:: How do you motivate yourselves?

Romeo’s Daughter:: You mean cause we’re so old, how do you get the energy to go stage (laughing)?

Werockwebzine:: How do you motivate yourselves to keep going, to keep putting out so many good shows one after the other, i mean we’ve seen you so many times and every time it’s one better than the next?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Ohh!!! really that’s fantastic. That’s what you do it for, whenever we go out you just think to yourself great we’re playing again, it’s such an honour and i know that sound’s cheesy but actually it is such an honour to be asked to do something you love so much and go out and have such a positive response from people, it would be such a waste not to make the most of that and that i think is our focus when we go out, we go and just try and do the best that we can. Every gig’s different there’s never the same dynamic, some gig’s you do are harder than others and the only hardship is like you can’t hear yourself well it’s never a issue of not being happy to be there and to be playing the music that we love to play, it’s always you know sometimes it’s a really weird dynamic thing when your on stage and how you just think sometimes it’s easy easy and other times it’s a little bit harder, harder work and if it’s a little bit harder work you’ve got to work a bit harder really that’s what it is, so it doesn’t seem like hard work and that can be a bit knackering sometimes.

Werockwebzine:: A new challenge.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Yeah, yeah exactly.

Werockwebzine:: You played ‘Heat’ festival recently how does ‘HrH’ festival compare to this?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Yeah we did we loved ‘Heat’ festival. It’s much bigger ‘HrH’ much bigger to ‘Heat’ but saying that it was a really great festival and it was quite interesting for me, I don’t know if it was the same for ‘Craig’ but i was a little bit concerned that maybe, the kind of bands that were on that day were very different to us and i was like we might not go down very well here it was also the first time we had played in Germany but actually it was fine took us a couple of songs to settle and it was a fantastic festival and we went down extremely well, and it was really a good place, a great venue, a very rock ‘n’ roll venue. The other bands were a lot heavier than us, yeah actually some of them were glam rocky so you know what i mean.

Werockwebzine:: Trying to fit in?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Yes it was trying to fit in. I think people who don’t know us and don’t have a clue who we are, they can hear that there’s good musician-ship within the band and i think once they can relax to a certain extent because of that and they start listening they go ooohh!!! this is really interesting , this is a good song or whatever it is, that seem’s to be how we do ok if we’re playing to people who’s never heard us.

Werockwebzine:: Your tour you have supported many great artist’s, who is your favourite upto now?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Who we’ve supported, well really good friends of ours are ‘FM’ we’ve always had a god laugh with them, we did a handful of dates with ‘Tyketto’ and they were great lads they really were great people. We’ve never actually done funnily enough a tour with a big American band for whatever reason it never happened the first time around and now you know it’s slightly different how it’s done and everybody expects buyers and a lot of money changes hands and to be honest unless it’s something that we feel is going to be beneficial to us there is no real point in us doing that. First of all we don’t have any backing, we do it all ourselves we make our own records, we film our own video’s, so we actually have never really been out with a big band, as with ‘FM’ are the biggest band. It’s a shame cause i would love to give the right band, ‘Craig’ would love a ‘Geddy Lee’ tour, ohhh!!! yeah i would be in my element.

Werockwebzine:: How difficult do you find that then to actually do everything yourselves, to the promotion, the merchandise and the albums?

Romeo’s Daughter:: It’s not difficult at all actually because we’re all good at something so we can all put our minds to do it, the problem is that there’s only so many people we can reach on Facebook, Instagram or social media and so that’s the issue, how do you get to a bigger audience and when your doing it yourself that is the issue, so we’re thinking trying something different next time maybe go out with a label behind us and see if they have more ability for us to get to a wider audience. When we first started we got the deal with ‘Jive’ and i think the last gig we did before we started working on the stuff was a pub in St Auburns then the gig following which was a couple of years later was the ‘Marquee’ our first gig and we walked out to a round marquee and i thought how the hell did that happen (laughs) and i remember thinking that so clearly, how the hell did that happen, but the thing with the record companies is they’ve got like a button and they push it and it just goes out to so many more people than we can reach and we’ve hit a ceiling, it’s easy to hit a ceiling and you don’t want to keep whacking it on Facebook all the time because there must be people thinking for god’s sake if i see another ‘Romeo’s Daughter’ thing.


Werockwebzine:: The best way to do it is live performances.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Exactly absolutely which is what we did with ‘Tyketto’ cause a lot of people who came to see ‘Tyketto’ didn’t know who we were and as hard as that is it’s actually really good for us to do that cause you have to win them round so hopefully we’re good, we can play our own dates till we’re blue in the face and it’s wonderful to do that but unfortunately your not getting to new people and by doing ‘Tyketto’ and other bands we were getting to new people and a captive audience if you like and you either come out of it on top of it or you don’t but i must admit that with ‘Tyketto’ we looked out and there were quite a few ‘Romeo’s Daughter’ T-shirts we were quite surprised by that and it was lovely thing to see and you also get people that’s never seen you before and they make a point of coming up and saying something.

Werockwebzine:: We did manage to catch that ‘Tyketto’ show, i think it was at Rescue Rooms in Nottingham.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Ohhh!! did you ohh!! great great.

Werockwebzine:: It was a great great show.

Romeo’s Daughter:: That was a great gig, great venue i really like Rescue Rooms.

Werockwebzine:: Who would you class as your major musical influence?

Romeo’s Daughter:: ‘Craig’ i know when i was younger i started off listening to a lot of folk finger style stuff so that was a lot of acoustic, but then i got seriously into ‘Rush’ and I’ve loved ‘Rush’ ever since and i wouldn’t like to say, i wouldn’t wanna be influenced by them too much because i think the sort of music we do is so far removed from ‘Rush’ and if you start you can’t add elements in to that, i think the more you listen to a band you actually start thinking that way, it’s funny when people say oh no I’ve been listening to a lot of ‘Cure’ recently and i comes out in your writing, there’s no two ways you can’t, it’s the old subliminal thing you just can’t avoid that, but i do love em. ‘Leigh’ he does love them he made me go and sit through a ‘Rush’ concert, ‘Craig’ he Made me go and sit through, ‘Leigh’ he Made me go sit through a ‘Rush’ concert (laughing). ‘Craig’ i hope none of them are in ear shot just to hear that, good god poor lads are all suffering they’ve all got there problems now, they go out on tour then you say that.

Werockwebzine:: Supposed to be there last one i think.

Romeo’s Daughter:: ‘Craig’ ohhh!!! no don’t don’t.

Werockwebzine:: With your last release ‘Spin’ it was another outstanding album, it was a little bit darker lyrically, musically, was there a particular reason behind this, is it where you was as a band?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Well not really it was just how things came out, lyrically sometimes your writing stuff and you just think what’s this about and you can make it about you know, you can turn it slightly, turn thing’s around to suit yourself a little bit and we weren’t unhappy we actually made a conscious you know it was a conscious thing this is definitely darker and we did say that amongst ourselves but then we thought is that a problem is that an issue. You can’t be happy if you think it’s sunshine all the time and sometimes it’s nice to write about different things and yeah ‘Romeo’s Daughter’ are a happy band but sometimes you get pissed off (laughs). Also for us it’s keeping it different, and ‘Craig’ write’s the most fantastic guitar riffs and so it’s great like even the other day we started work and he’s got like 50 guitar riffs that we can listen to and go yeah we would really like to make something out of that riff, and so actually i think we have a feeling we might be a little bit more guitar driven than we have been in the past, not like we’re not gonna change into!!

Werockwebzine:: ‘AC/DC’

Romeo’s Daughter:: No no but we do actually have a riff that’s ‘AC/DC’y’ but i think we’re just gonna go where we feel we should be going and where it takes us naturally, there’s no kind of pre-thought about it we just, if we like a song and we think it sound’s enough like us then we go great.

Werockwebzine:: So it’s pretty much a band thing where you all agree that’s what you want?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Yes very much so yeah, bottom line is Leigh has got to like the song, the lyrics got to suit her, ‘Leigh’ I’ve got to be able to sing the song and believe it really, so a lot of that goes on you’ve got to be sure about that stuff.

Werockwebzine:: Do you find you write the lyrics before the music or does the music come before the lyrics?

Romeo’s Daughter:: It doesn’t matter it’s whatever comes, it’s the chicken or the egg, that’s how it works really there’s no format.

Werockwebzine:: Is there a new album on the horizon?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Yes there is.

Werockwebzine:: And there’s no information on that?

Romeo’s Daughter:: No (laughs) we don’t know yet other than the fact we’ve started, we’ve started it, we’re going through the ideas. It’s looking i don’t know if it will be as dark it might be but it’s certainly not going to be that much happy, we’ve got a lot more gripes we’re fed up (laughing) no we’re not.

Werockwebzine:: Outside of music what do you do to relax and get away from it all, to relieve yourselves of stress?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Leigh reads about 4 books a week i can’t believe she should have lyrics coming out of her bloody whatsit, i am a big reader and i like the cinema yeah i’m more on that side of things really, i don’t have a sport i don’t play i’m not very sporty, but i love reading, the theatre i’m a bit poncy like that aren’t i. It’s not very rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Craig’ likes fishing and golf, gone are the days when we used to go out and just go yeah we like drinking, drinkings what we like.

Werockwebzine:: The rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

Romeo’s Daughter:: We’re not actually big drinkers, we were never like that, we can typicate that as much as you like but we weren’t, our drummer likes drinking (laughs) and we sort of follow suit he can be a bad influence you know (laughing).

Werockwebzine:: Knowing what you know now what if you change anything from your early career what would it be?

Romeo’s Daughter:: That’s a really good question actually, we would probably change quite a lot, we would try not to be so green, we would probably have changed our management earlier to a certain extent i think because it wasn’t working for us in maybe the right way, we were offered management in America that was turned down, we should of got management in America that would have been very different for us to have got American management and yeah you know we didn’t know we were young and naive, we had bill board chart positions for songs in America and it was a natural progression and it was something that should of happened, it’s fair to say we were late 80’s and the whole grunge scene was about to happen so but it would of been nice. As Leigh said earlier if we had of released ‘Burn’ a year or 2 years before when it was done, we actually got together in 1987 we were doing the demo’s in ’87 you know the hurricane, beginning of ‘Wild Child’ always had the glitter on it cause everything blew the hurricane blew all the electrics out, so it was definitely ’87 when we did those initial demo’s and it took us a while to get it all together, cause he was always so busy so we had to wait, it did take us a long time considering ‘Craig’ and i met in ’84-’85 we didn’t get our first album out till ‘1989, so it took longer than we had hoped, we were writing for a long long time and that’s another thing as well would you say you were ready, when you release your first record. We’ve been musicians for a long time Leigh lived in South Africa and had deals in South Africa and we had all been musicians and we had all been writing but are you ready at that point, when everything kicks off and it kicked off hugely i mean before we knew where we were, we got to America to do a promo show and there’s a yellow cab there and a limo there and we went straight for the yellow cab and the limo was for us, and we were like no stop it and it was the weirdest thing everyone knows you over there and they want to sort everything out and it was fantastic, i just wished we had an ounce more savvy.

Werockwebzine:: How do you feel it’s changed the music scene in general?

Romeo’s Daughter:: It’s changed beyond recognition, all the record companies have gone everything’s swallowed up by majors i think that our first deal was a seven album deal, we didn’t do it we ended up doing one through circumstance now your lucky if you get a single deal, i think it’s very very hard for younger people to actually make a mark especially in this genre. I mean bless em ‘Kane’d’ those young girls went on before us it’s tough for them to get to a bigger market, how do they do it it’s just like you know it’s become such a genre market now, it’s fantastic we get asked to do these festivals we’re able because of our reputation to go and do other things but if your young band starting out how do you get a gig, you can’t get a gig unless they know your gonna pull a certain amount of people, it’s really tough, really tough.

Werockwebzine:: Unless you go on a certain t.v programme.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Well yes which your not going to do, the whole download thing, there’s nothing physical anymore for me that’s huge, how many times do you go to a record store and get your album, you had a gate-fold you’d open it up.

Werockwebzine:: I still love doing that now.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Yeah yeah. I mean probably that’s a different generation speaking but the whole download thing seems to have made the music thinner, i think a lot of people don’t understand if you download it what goes into that there downloading, it’s a lot of blood, sweat and tears at the time.

Werockwebzine:: The true value

Romeo’s Daughter:: Yes the true value of music i must admit as i’m getting older i do despair a little that we lost so many fantastic musicians last year and when the next lot go like ‘Mccartney’ who ever it is, hopefully he will be around for a very long time and people like ‘Elton John’ and obviously the ‘Stones’ who are they going to be left with, know ones coming through to replace them and i think the people are there it’s just there not given the chance to grow and that’s the strangest thing as well you make an album and you take so much time to get the right sound and then someone listens to an mp3 and doesn’t pay for it and your not actually getting any money to help you make the next one, it’s tough.

Werockwebzine:: What does the future hold for Romeo’s Daughter?

Romeo’s Daughter:: Hopefully lots more gigs a new album, just carry on loving playing together being friends and having a great time just more of the same.

Werockwebzine:: Brilliant thank you very much.

Romeo’s Daughter:: Thank you so much it was lovely.


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