RPWL – ‘A New Dawn’ : teaser video track from live release out 14.07.17

RPWL ‘A New Dawn’ new live video / album  out 14.07.17 on BluRay, DVD, 2xCD, 3xLP

German art rock titans RPWL have made one of the songs from their upcoming live concert film extravaganza ‘A New Dawn’ available. ‘Misguided Thought’ can be seen here : 


An official trailer for the multi-format release can be seen here :


The concept albums ‘Wanted’ (2014) and its predecessor ‘Beyond Man And Time’ (2012)  are widely recognised as career highlights of the German art rock giants RPWL, who celebrate two decades together in 2017 with the release of the long-awaited concert movie ‘A New Dawn’. Documenting the last stop on a tour in support of ‘Wanted’ that saw the talented core quintet make a triumphant appearance in their hometown of Freising, Bavaria on October 31st 2015 for an elaborate show comprising not only a rock concert, but also a play and multimedia event, the one-off production involved 50 actors and extras and is presented on this multi-format title.  ‘A New Dawn’ is released on BluRay and DVD, with the audio also on 2xCD and 3xLP. An additional lavish Limited Collector’s Box adds the script of the performance, a poster and a ‘Veritas Forte’ pill from the show to all the aforementioned formats. The BluRay is presented in Dolby Atmos surround sound.


With ‘Beyond Man And Time’ in 2012 RPWL were spinning the big wheel, musically as well as thematically. This first part of an evolving album trilogy about the liberation of the mind was a direct reference to Friedrich Nietzsche’s ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra’, while their multi-layered concept revolved around a protagonist seeking his inner self. For its sequel, the band created an imaginative story about a band trying to spread the homeopathic hyper-awareness drug ‘Veritas Forte’. As a consequence faced with the wrath of political and religious leaders, the band is driven underground – and is ‘Wanted’. The ensuing ‘Wanted’ tour took RPWL through much of mainland Europe where the group celebrated the gigs as delicately woven multi-media events. The last show of the tour, on Halloween 2015, took place under special circumstances: for this performance the show was not only massively re-arranged, but it even received a new title: ‘A New Dawn’. Selected ‘Wanted’ chapters were extended and the production established a direct connection with the ‘Beyond Man And Time’ album via its ensemble cast. The performance turned into a memorable show in front of a highly enthusiastic audience. RPWL refer to the night as one of the absolute highlights of their career – with good reason. The ‘A New Dawn’ BluRay and DVD formats comprise identical 2 hour long stereo and surround sound mixes of the concert, each with audio tracks in both English as well as German. For the English version the lines from the German language live show were dubbed by the narrator and the actors. Both formats also contain extras : a 15 minute ‘Making of’ film, the encore ‘Unchain The Earth’ and an unreleased video clip of ‘The Fisherman’ (a 15 minute song contained on ‘Beyond Man And Time’).



Yogi Lang – vocals & keyboards
Kalle Wallner – guitar
Markus Jehle – keyboards
Werner Taus – bass
Marc Turiaux – drums