Sabateur – ‘Vicious Circle’ Out Now

After nearly 10 years of line-up changes and setbacks, Sabateur’s debut album “Vicious Circle” is a mile-stone and an accomplishment for the band. With varying influences from the thrash gods to neoclassical shred virtuosos, “Vicious Circle” delivers 12 tracks of ripping fast heavy metal loosely based around the history of humanity and its own demise.


1- The Clocktower
2- Can’t Kill Crazy
3- Tommy Gunn
4- No Man’s Land
5- A Minute to Live
6- Rats
7- Frostbite
8- Black Widow
9- The Great Unknown
10- C-137
11- Ensemble of Shadows
12.- Vicious Circle



Sabateur has been in a constant state of change in its 10 years of existence and only continues to im-prove and expand its arsenal of head banging riffs, shredding solos and creative mix of influences and sounds. Founded in 2008 while the band was still in high school, the sole remaining member Zakk Negrinelli has had a rotating line-up of members. Devon Miller joined in on vocals in 2012, Jesse Elkinton (found from a craigslist ad) joined in on guitar in 2014 while Devon picked up the guitar in addi-tion to vocals. This became the foundation of what Sabateur is today. The band then rotated through a handful of short-lived bassists before picking up Alex Huddleston in 2017, shortly before starting the recording process of the debut album “Vicious Circle”.

Recorded at the renowned Falcon Studios in Portland, Oregon, the recording of “Vicious Circle” was a landmark decision for Sabateur. It was a culmination of the long, grueling writing process that had taken place in the previous years while the band had lacked direction and struggled to solidify a line-up. The band was confident in the songs they had written and were more than ready to release these tracks to the world. Produced by recording engineer Gabe Johnston, the band had the person they needed to make their artistic vision a reality. Gabe knew what it would take to make Sabateur’s blazing heavy thrash riffs and mind-bending solo work stand out.

With their recently self-released album “Vicious Circle”, the band now plans to tour to promote it and hopes to find a label to support future releases. The band has new songs in the works and plans to re-lease another album in 2019, with or without label support. The band continues to diversify their unique brand of heavy metal, add new influences and make steps in unexpected directions with every song written.

Band Line-up:
Devon Miller – guitar/vocals
Jesse Elkinton – guitar
Alex Huddleston – bass
Zakk Negrinelli – drums