Saints Of Sin Interview Hrh Aor March


Hrh Aor was not all demons and hellfire, there was also some saints there too, As we caught up with Saints Of Sin one of the best new and upcoming bands of today with one of the cutest guitarists on the scene today and he has great eyes too ūüôā \m/\m/ Lets See What They Had To Say:


Werockwebzine:: Hi guys great to see you.

Saints Of Sin:: Hi great to see you too.

Werockwebzine:: Are you guy’s enjoying it so far?

Saints Of Sin:: Yeah we are, really enjoying it.

Werockwebzine:: Are you looking forward to it?

Saints Of Sin:: Yeah definitely, can’t wait to play, it’s gonna be good.

Werockwebzine:: Is it your first time here?

Saints Of Sin:: It is yeah ever, so yeah virgins, we’re Hard Rock Hell virgins.

Werockwebzine:: Any nerves at all?

Saints Of Sin:: Yes definitely, we got pretty nervous before we did the acoustic slot a second ago, well an hour or so ago, we’ll be fine though we’re up for it.

Werockwebzine:: How did all you guy’s meet, how did ‘Saints Of Sin’ come about?

Saints Of Sin:: Well we’re brother’s and we are ‘Ash’ and ‘Marcus’ so we go way back, met ‘Josh’ at school thanks to our pr man wherever he is, yeah i was in the same class as ‘Matt’ who’s also the older brother of ‘Ash’ and ‘Marcus’, he realised i was a drummer and we had an old band at the time so we formed a thing for the school talent show and we had our old band ‘Mothership’ so we did that and sadly that came to an end and ‘Saints Of Sin’ started and us three started together, ‘Brui’ was doing a music degree and basically i found ‘Brui’ there he’s on vocals at first we were all like this has always been, your into a bit of everything¬†aren’t you, you weren’t exactly a rock metal head, but the more we saw ‘Brui’ sing we realised he could really exit and when he auditioned for the band he sang like a whole load of ‘Steal Panther’ and stuff so like really good vocals so yeah that was how ‘Brui’ joined, then ‘Sophie’ came along the new addition the baby of the band, we went to a place in Southhampton called ‘The Joiners’ to watch her band play and she was definitely¬†the shining star from that band so we stole her, you physically picked me up and that was that.

Werockwebzine:: Who’s your musical influences?

Saints Of Sin:: So our influences i guess definitely¬†a lot of 80’s, bit of rock and metal bands i think that quite clear in our sound and stuff lots of like ‘Van Halen’ ‘Whitesnake’ ‘Guns n Roses’ ‘Bon Jovi’ all those.

Werockwebzine:: The best stuff.

Saints Of Sin:: Yeah that’s it, but we’re definitely¬†influenced by modern stuff as well like ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ and a bit of modern pop as well, a little bit of modern pop mixed in there. We like a lot of different genre’s as well, obviously we’re very passionate about rock n metal and this is what we do, kind of take a bit of everything, we take flavours from everything.

Werockwebzine:: Which helps with the writing and the music?

Saints Of Sin:: Yeah i think so definitely, we just told the last interviewers that we spent this whole five and a half hour journey listening to classic fm the whole way, think of us as a Neapolitan¬†ice cream, there’s a bit of chocolate a bit of strawberry and there’s a nice bit of vanilla in there as well all mixed up.

Werockwebzine:: Your debut album, can you tell us a little about that?

Saints of Sin:: Our debut album ok so, this very soon to be released hopefully it’s title ‘Welcome To The Circus’ there’s going to be 12 tracks on there we’re basically recording this at ‘The Smoke House Studio’s’ in London at the moment, so it’s all tracked it’s just in the mixing stage now so hopefully not too long at all, we’re hoping this summer definitely, there’s a couple of tracks already finished which we’ve been gigging, if someones got a disk and there it is the pr mans on it.

Werockwebzine:: Ohh!! Thank you brilliant.

Werockwebzine:: What do you hope for the future?

Saints Of Sin:: Conquering the world (laughing), well right now we wanna finish this album as we said in a previous interview as well, we’ve always sort of focused on the live performance getting out there and gigging and putting ourselves out there and we feel we’ve done brilliant, yeah we’ve done quite well with that, so we’ve done lots of exciting things gig wise but we need to be able to continue that to get further. We never really knuckled down on a album before, we did like a 7 track demo which was really rushed, we felt like we needed to get our products that would be a tool to push us and get us in other places. When you make contact with someone the first thing they wanna see is your music and listen to your music, so we wanted to get something that we felt really represented us.

Werockwebzine:: How does it feel to you when your on stage and you’ve got the fans screaming and singing along to your songs.

Saints Of Sin:: Honestly it’s like the best feeling you can get to be honest, especially when it’s your song as well and they’re just really loving what you do, we devote a lot of effort in to our shows, we pride ourselves on it this is what we wanna do and at the end of the day i think a lot of people especially in rock can miss that at the end of the day your up there to have fun and we really try to make our show fun and make the audience part of the fun and i think that’s something part of our appeal to our fanbase.

Werockwebzine:: More fun than a job?

Saints Of Sin:: Yeah, we take it really seriously but at the end of the day if your not enjoying it then you know you wanna be enjoying it.

Werockwebzine:: If there was anyone at all that you could tour with who would it be?

Saints Of Sin:: Oohh!!! that’s a question, any band we could tour with. Alive or dead?

Werockwebzine:: Either.

Saints Of Sin:: Let’s say alive so we can make it happen, i think in terms of modern bands definitely¬†‘Bullet For My Valentine’ would be cool, ‘Avenged Sevenfold’ we’d love that. ‘Extreme’ that would be killer that would be ‘Extreme’ to support ‘Extreme’ ‘Ratt’ ‘Steal Panther’ would be awesome. I mean anything any big support really, still the greats like ‘Guns n Roses’ and imagine like supporting ‘Black Sabbath’ on there final tour, all the big boys the classics, the gods if you like. ‘One Direction’ fuck it i would stick it to the man.

Werockwebzine:: Who would you say is the creative force behind ‘Saints Of Sin’?

Saints Of Sin:: Well ‘Sparky’ here ‘Marcus’, don’t say my real name, ohhh!!! sorry just ‘Sparky’ does the main writing i would say the majority of the writing especially for the new album coming out, he’s been the sort of work force behind it, he comes in to rehearsals and will kinda like a demo down, you know the song the structure and stuff and its kinda all in place, but then we as a team kind of get round the song and put our own sweat on it and we might play around with a few things, then the song goes through us all having a say in it then it comes out the other end it’s a ‘Saints Of Sin’ song basically.

Werockwebzine:: Well i look forward to your set.

Saints Of Sin:: Ohh!! yeah thank you.

Werockwebzine:: And good luck with the future.

Saints Of Sin:: Thank you very much, we’re looking forward to it and it’s been great talking to you as well.

Werockwebzine:: Do you have a message for your fans?

Saints Of Sin:: We love you and thank you for all your support and keep supporting us.

Werockwebzine:: Thank you very much and we look forward to your album coming out and catching you a bit later.

Saints Of Sin:: Thank you thank you very much


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