Satan’s Empire: Return of NWOBHM cult heroes

3MS Music are delighted to announce that Satan’s Empire make a long overdue return with the release of new studio album “Rising” which is to be released 16 June 2018. This is the band’s first proper commercial release! Forming in 1979, the band initially made an impact on the NWOBHM scene are remembered chiefly for the track ‘Soldiers of War’ which featured on a compilation cassette ‘Lead Weight’ released by Neat Records in 1981 and has since gained serious cult status.

Formed in Dundee but then relocating to London, the band did not last long but after a lengthy hiatus of 30 years they reformed due to irresistible demand from fans. The reborn band made their debut at the hugely acclaimed UK NWOBHM event ‘Brofest’ in 2016. Joining the original ‘London’ line-up of the band – Derek Lyon, Paul Lewis, Wayne Hudson and Sandy McRitchie – is ‘Magpie’ a highly respected drummer who has worked with some serious talent including Dennis Stratton [ex-Iron Maiden], Bernie Tormé [ex-Gillan, Ozzy Osbourne], Alan Davey [ex-Hawkwind] and was asked to join Motörhead after recording demo material for the band’s ‘March Or Die’ album.

Since that barnstorming initial live show at Brofest 2016, Satan’s Empire have stormed their way back into the vanguard of the resurgent NWOBHM and are continuing to gather new fans young and old. ‘Rising’ indeed!


Slaves Of Satan
Shout It Out (Hail)
Satan’s Empire
Soldiers Of War
Come Back
On The Road To Hell
Suicide Man




The band will be showcasing material from ‘Rising’ at shows throughout 2018 at home and abroad. This time the band are sticking around. They are already working on material for a follow-up to ‘Rising’ and new material will be road-tested before they head back to the studio.

It’s been a long time coming for Satan’s Empire but ‘Rising’ is the foundation of the band’s future musical empire… he really does have the best songs.