Saturnine Hello release self-titled album

Saturnine Hello “self-titled” is the latest album from the trio of rockers Saturnine Hello. Saturnine Hello knocks down you’re door with a take no prisoners attitude on this extremely cohesive nine song rock n’ roll offering. From catchy power-pop goodness to swanky, electric sex stomping, buckle up and close you’re eyes if u want to, Saturnine Hello is taking you on a ride.


1.Pretty Face
2.Street Kids
3.Out in Vegas
4.Tear You Apart
5.Probably Sell My Soul
6.Seattle Jerks
7.Trap Door
8.Sunset Tramps

9.Want You Bad



Saturnine Hello is a well polished hint of all things you love about Rock n Roll. The diverse backstreets and alleyways of sounds that the band takes you on, harkens back to the glory days of what was once your innocence. True, gritty, passionate songs, with a modern feel and a nod to the past as Saturnine Hello looks to the future.
Saturnine Hello released the “Just an Outsider EP” in 2015 on disc and on iTunes, Amazon, and a variety of other web media forums. “Young Punks EP” was released internationally in 2013 and is also available online. Previous releases include the “Sometime Galore” LP released in 2010 and “Motor City Love” in 2004.

“Saturnine Hello” “self titled” is Saturnine Hello’s fifth true Album (second LP) and will be officially released Oct 6th 2018 (self-released). It was recorded and produced in Los Angeles, CA by Alex Kane,(Life Sex Death, Marky/Tommy Ramone, Enuff Z Nuff, Anti-Product ect.) With nine songs that are each equally rocking and catchy in their own right, the album has been described as if “In Color” was bred with “Too Fast For Love.” “The sort of serious/running joke between Alex and the band was we were making S9H’s version of Cheap Trick’s “In Color.” -Robby Nine- lead singer. Both Alex and the band have a huge love for Cheap Trick and power pop in general. The album was mastered by Shawn Lane of Fastlane Records. In the bands opinion, this album captures the true sound of what the band is and always has been and believe it’s there best work up to this point.

Saturnine Hello has been performing as a three piece band in the midwest for over 14 years. We’ve opened for national acts such as Brett Michaels, LA Guns(numerous times), Faster Pussycat(numerous times),Wednesday 13, Sponge(many many times), Vince Neil, the Viva La Bam Tour, Bullet Boys, Enuff Z Nuff, Brides of Destruction, Crud, Brittney Fox, Kix, and more we cant remember. Between big shows we frequently play smaller venues to our core fan base. We played at Ohio Bike Week main stage 2014 and 2015.
Saturnine Hello looks forward to the future.

Band Line-up:
Robby Nine – vocals/guitar
Jonny Trash – drums/vocals
Mighty Mike – bass/ vocals