Saxon/Fastway Nottingham Rock City 9/11/16

Tonight’s venue Nottingham’s Rock City, it really needs no introduction anyone and everyone involved in rock has been to rock city, so for tonight’s entertainment it was to be the mighty Saxon with support from Fastway and Girlschool, now due to logistics i.e heavy traffic(and i mean heavy traffic) added to the fact that they actually started 10 mins sooner than was advertised we actually missed the best part of Girlschools’ set although what we did catch was totally outstanding rock pure and loud surely its too early to be this rocked out, an excellent way to get the crowd warmed up, So lets concentrate on what we did manage to see and first up.

‘Fastway’ featuring former Motorhead guitarist ‘Fast Eddie Clarke’ and wow did they take the centre stage by storm as their blues infused rock blast was belted out with passion and pride and the former Little Angel himself ‘Toby Jepson’ was immense in the lead vocal role with his sometime soleful gravely tone which fits right in and gives the tracks a new fresh approach without ever detracting from there original sound, as the songs came thick and fast ‘Misunderstood’ ‘All Fired Up’, ‘Another Day’, ‘Deliver Me’ the crowd were in full swing thanks to ‘Girlschools’ warm up, but it was ‘Fastway’ that took them onto a level higher although only a short setlist with time limited the crowd were given a fine show, with everyone getting in full voice for ‘Heft’ ‘Telephone’ and ‘Feel Me Touch Me Do Anything You Want’ ‘Easy Living’ was Fastway’s swan song from this uk tour.

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Its time for the mighty ‘Saxon’ in what is their final Uk date of the tour and from the first beat of ‘Battering Ram’ you could sense they were a ‘Solid Ball Of Rock’ and they are taking no prisoners, from the front way up to the rafters there is not one head that isnt nodding in a headbanging fury as one track after the other the beat gets faster the guitars get louder and the crowd gets treated to rock royalty itself . As ‘Biff’ Stated ‘Never Surrender’ is a Saxon statement for life, soon we were at ‘Terminal Velocity’ and the crowd was going wild before ‘The Devils Footprint’ and a wicked cheer for ‘Strong Arm Of The Law’ which had everyone in attendance singing and chanting much to the delight of ‘Biff’ and the boys. Next Biff was asking do you want a fast song or a slow one announcing ‘You Lot Are Crazy But We’re Crazier’ As ‘Biff’ announced this is the fastest song we have ever written ‘Let Me Feel You Power’ much to the delight of the onlooking fans who were lapping it up in heavy metal heaven, and how bassist ‘Nibbs Carter’ managed to headbang constantly from the opening salvo right up to the last is a real accomplishment in itself. As the night went on and we witnessed one powerful track to the next, perhaps the biggest cheer of the night so far came when certainly the crowd favourite ‘Wheels Of Steel’ began to play which included a singalong interlude that the fans seemed to get the better of. It was not very long however that, the previous loudest cheer was dwarfed when for the 1st encore after the chants of Saxon, Saxon they appeared back on stage, with no other that Fast Eddie himself and the rendition of ‘Ace Of Spades’ that followed dedicated to ‘Lemmy’ and ‘Phil’ brought the house down. The second encore featured ‘Denim And Leather’ which ‘Biff dedicated to the fans and ‘Princess Of The Night’ leaving the fans satisfied and at the same time hungry for the next Saxon show.


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  1. Wow. Great Review And Awesome Pictures Of What Was A Fantastic Night From Both Fastway And The Mighty Saxon.
    Also A Great Site For Latest News And Amazing Pictures And Outstanding Album And Live Reviews.
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