SELF DISGRACE will open for Brazilian thrashers NERVOUS on April 14th

SELF DISGRACE the known band from Milan dedicated to a great old school death thrash metal, will open the show of Brazilian thrashers NERVOUS Sunday, April 14 at the Legend Club in Milan.


The SELF DISGRACE are a band thrash / death metal of Milan, which was founded in 2007 by guitarist 80 years’ Isabella Fronzoni, aka Isa Brutal (formerly the Ice Age, Rock Goddess, Original Sin). Isa Brutal began his musical career at age 19 when he was hired by the legendary Swedish thrashers Ice Age. It was also part of well-known female band in the 80 ‘as the British Rock Goddess and Original Sin. I Self Disgrace recorded in May 2009 ‘the first EP, RR Rotten Revenge, mixed and mastered by former Celtic Frost guitarist Curt Victor Bryant. In recent years the band has reformed, signing the contract with the label Masd Records and is back in business by publishing “Partners In Crime” which will be reprinted in the autumn of this year.

Dielle Green – vocals
Isa Brutal Fronzoni – guitar, backing vocals
Overteo Businaro – bass, backing vocals
Monforte Remo – drums