Shadowland – ‘Trinitite’ Out Now

Trinitite is the second album from Shadowland. And it continues their quest for bringing interesting and somewhat true stories from the deepest shades of human-nature. Accompanied with melodic heavy rock inspired by the masters from the 70ties and early 80ties such as Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden among others. For instance, the name trinitite, for the album, is taken from the mineral that was created in the desert of New Mexico during the worlds first nuclear bomb test, Trinity.



1.Malleus Maleficarum
2.Dantes Inferno
3.Legion of Shadows
6.Destroyer of worlds




From the deep dark forests of Hedmark, Norway, comes the band Shadowland. These 4 experienced musicians have played together for 4 ½ years. The band has played nearly 40 concerts, playing mostly locally around Hedmark in Norway, but also some larger cities like Bergen and Trondheim, but Oslo is currently also on the schedule. In their lyrics they cover topics such as exorcism, serial killers, fortune telling, world war 2 and the atomic bomb. Their music is melodic heavy, hard rock inspired by the 70ties and early 80ties.

They were among the 7 bands from all over Norway which played the national finale of Wacken Metal Battle in Bergen in april 2017, and as played live on television at NRK Hedmark and Oppland Innlandsscenen. The band plays an average of one gig a month and has been met with great excitement live. After nearly 40 concerts since the start, the band has become a tight and “no compromises given” live band which is ready to bring their stories and music to the masses.

Band Line-up:
Jørn Rørbakk: Drums
Knut Erik Lien: Guitar / backing vocals.
Tore Olafsen: Bass
John Nordby: Vocals