Shoman Releases Second Album ‘Put ‘Em Up’

Put ‘Em Up is the second release from SHOMAN and delivers fun, melodic rock sequences with clean overlays that transports the listener back to a time when music wasn’t so serious.


1.Welcome To My Show
2.Put ‘Em Up
3.Ignite the Flame
4.This Night’s Playground
5.Waves of Fortune
6.Here We Go Again
7.Let’s Just Ride
8.My Salvation
9.Symphonic Knockdown
10.Summer Days(Summer Nights)
11.Like a River
12.All the Things
13.Tease Me
14.Together in Arms
15.Under a Spell Again(Devil Next Door)


Before discovering songwriting, Jay Shoman spent six years in the United States Army while pursuing his bachelor’s degree. As a former veteran of the armed forces, he understands what it takes to succeed. His personal philosophy for success is dedication and hard work. Through this philosophy and the setting of ambitious goals he has become a talented professional software developer. His most recent achievement can be heard in the recently released album, “Put ‘Em Up.” Jay has unearthed a well-spring of poetic songwriting talent and workmanlike guitar playing that is just as unexpected as it is remarkable considering his hands-on musical journey just got underway in 2012. Influenced by metal, punk and hard rock, he managed to create fast riffs and meaningful lyrics that grab your attention quickly and hold it to the very end of each song.

Close friends may fondly remember him as a (now recovered) meat-head and Coors Light aficionado. Then six years ago Jay took up strumming his six-string and has never looked back. He currently resides in Delaware County, Pennsylvania with his wife Kelly, and two sons Brett and Kyle, where he was born and raised. He affectionately refers to “DelCo” as the greatest 20 square miles on the planet Earth. When Jay is not penning lyrics or strumming his guitar, he is a partner and software developer for a software firm in the Philadelphia area and enjoys coaching his sons’ youth football team and eating out at the best burger joints in town with his family.