SHOTGUN REVOLUTION (DK) Supporting Children In Need Together With Chris Robertson (BLACK STONE CHERRY)

In 2015 Martin Frank went to a small town in Kentucky to write music together with renowned BLACK STONE CHERRY.
Here the foundation was made for what would be SHOTGUN REVOLUTION´s biggest hit to date and award winning single CITY OF FIRE.
Originally released in 2016 and taken from the album ALL THIS COULD BE YOURS, CITY OF FIRE was a classic rock song with heavy riffs and a biting vocal, which in the best way possible show cased SHOTGUN REVOLUTION as one of the best bands on the danish rock scene for the moment.
With the success of CITY OF FIRE, which among other things brought them a well deserved HIGH VOLTAGE AWARD for best radio rock track of 2016, came a feeling that the song had more to offer…
Hereby the idea was born to remake CITY OF FIRE in an acoustic version, this time with CHRIS ROBERTSON of BLACK STONE CHERRY on vocals together with DITLEV ULRIKSEN and this time even for a good cause.
It was decided to donate ALL of the earnings from the online sale of CITY OF FIRE (acoustic version feat. Chris Robertson from BLACK STONE CHERRY) to THE CHILDRENS CANCER FOUNDATION, as this cause has always had a special place in the hearts of each member of SHOTGUN REVOLUTION.
Once again legendary FLEMMING RASMUSSEN has done his magic behind the console in the great SWEET SILENCE STUDIO and it is with great pride that SHOTGUN REVOLUTION in collaboration with BLACK STONE CHERRY and THE CHILDRENS CANCER FOUNDATION can present CITY OF FIRE (acoustic version feat. Chris Robertson from BLACK STONE CHERRY).
Only and exclusively available for online purchase at

The German fans will be able to hear SHOTGUN REVOLUTION later this month as the band will be playing two kick ass rock shows:

25th of September KNUST // Hamburg
26th of September MEISENFREI // Bremen

Vocals: Ditlev Ulriksen
Guitars n’ percussion: Martin Frank
Bass: Michael “Tex” Venneberg
Drums: Kasper “Wallee” Lund