After previously delivering the very successful and impressive “Come Alive” and “Run Wild” earlier this year, alternative trio Skies Collide now releases “This Divide” – the third single off the band’s recently released and critically acclaimed full-length debut album – “The Dream & The Lie” (now available on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and Google Play)! Showcasing the perspective of one individual who is in a relationship that is tearing apart due to a lack of communication and is eager to fix the problem, “This Divide” is an enchanting, memorable and atmospheric sing-along anthem that flows cohesively alongside the emotion invested into the lyrics by utilizing minimalistic electronic pulse, before subtly building to a remarkable chorus that identifies Skies Collide as a formation that consistently delivers music, which listeners have the opportunity to connect with in their own, personal ways.

In a collective statement, Skies Collide provides additional details about the influence behind “This Divide”: “This track was one of the first songs we wrote for the album and it’s also one of the only ones that stayed mostly the same throughout the production and recording process. It came to us so naturally and out of all the songs we’ve written so far, it feels the most quintessentially “our sound”. The song and video represent the idea of leaving something negative behind and attempting to move forward on your journey. The drive is sombre though, It’s not that kind of liberating, emotionally unchaining moving on – it’s more about the feelings you probably shouldn’t be running from; the things you might not have properly dealt with yet. The lyrics come from a place of feeling like you have so much to say and so much to tell someone but you’re afraid to let it out and make yourself vulnerable. It’s about having your guard up when you’ve been hurt badly.”



Produced by Dave Petrovic (Tonight Alive, Hands Like Houses, With Confidence and Northlane), “The Dream & The Lie” showcases a band that has already outdone contemporaries regarding sound changes and is a record that plays incredibly well both as individual songs and as a cohesive whole, as the more indie-esque approach to the Skies Collide’s sound plays well into the hands of the group’s performances, by taking advantage of powerful vocal lines, combined with always appropriate guitar work and solid rhythms, which craft a fluent flowing, interesting and immersive record with an emotional power that is near inescapable. Aesthetically, the album’s soundscape remains wonderfully vivid throughout the entire record, with immersive layers of synth and guitar creating some impressive soundscapes that permeate every single moment of it, as Skies Collide breaks out of the mold by embellishing unique style of electronic pop rock with a darker undertone and certifies “The Dream & The Lie” as a truly impressive debut of a band that is confident and sure of its identity.


1. “Glasshouse”
2. “Come Alive”
3. “Run Wild”
4. “This Divide”
5. “Be Enough”
6. “Underwater”
7. “Wildflower”
8. “Disconnect”
9. “Voices”
10.”Warning Signs”
11. “Where We Fell”