Slay Duggee launches Kickstarter campaign and new song

SLAY DUGGEE is a band on a mission to get kids into metal.

Parents around the world are tormented daily by saccharine kids’ songs and theme tunes. SLAY DUGGEE are turning these kiddy ear worms into heavy metal songs for kids.

SLAY DUGGEE was formed in January 2018, only 48 hours later, Slay Duggee’s first single ‘Stick’ was played on BBC Radio 6 Music by Steve Lamacq.



Lamacq dubbed SLAY DUGGEE the ‘Lords of Toddler Metal’ and personally requested a cover of the theme tune to BBC CBeebies show Sarah & Duck. Since then, SLAY DUGGEE have amassed over half a million listens, giving thousands of kids and toddlers their first taste of heavy metal.

SLAY DUGGEE have since collaborated with TesseracT guitarist James Monteith, and Nekrogoblikon vocalist and songwriter Nicky “Scorpion” Calonne with their cover of The Lego Movie’s ‘Everything Is Awesome’. They are hoping more parents from the world of heavy metal will be special guests on new songs.


The band have just released new song ‘I Am A Shape’, check it out here:



SLAY DUGGEE have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their debut album. Pledge here for CDs, t-shirts, and stickers, but also a 20ft heavy metal wavy-arm tube guy, a family dinner with the band in the Rainforest Cafe – sat near the monkey, record a guest duck quack vocal, and for one rich fan a chance to actually buy their way into SLAY DUGGEE as the fifth member.

The album will contain their previous singles ‘Stick’, ‘Sarah & Duck’, ‘Go Jetters’, ‘The Sea The Sky’, and ‘Everything Is Awesome’, as well as around 10 new unheard songs including popular CBeebies theme tunes from ‘Octonauts’ and ‘Something Special’. Billed by the band as “The only Toddler Metal album you’ll ever need. Until our next one.”

Drummer, Black Shuck commented “It’s vital that the children of the world receive the correct musical upbringing. This album will be a key educational tool for any responsible parent.”

Singer, Ricky Bow-Wow commented “Let’s face it…the music readily available to kids is awful… We are trying to make it easier for parents with heavier tastes in music to enjoy the music they have to listen to on a daily basis. People have demonised heavy music for decades and it’s never going to be mainstream, but we’re here to ruffle some feathers, make a noise, and let kids have a choice.”