SOLAMNIA is offering free download of new single “More Than Life”

Finland’s epic, symphonic metal act SOLAMNIA is now offering a free download of their new single “More Than Life” from the forthcoming full-length album, “BEYOND.”

Check out the video teaser below:



Click HERE To Download SOLAMNIA’S “More Than Life” For Free!



Welcome to the epic and magical realm of Solamnia. The mastermind behind the project is Mika Lumijarvi; creator and composer.

Solamnia combines strong emotions in powerful epic cinematic music and maintains the qualities of symphonic, black, folk and death metal. Every song has a strong fantasy tale and every story is told through expressive, progressive metal music.

Solamnia is also a collective of many talented musicians and artists who together weave tales of heroes, monsters, demons and fantasy worlds only in the way that Solamnia can!

Solamnia’s first full-length album, “The Legend Saga” was released in fall, 2016. However, their most epic endeavor yet, “Beyond” will be released very soon.