Sordid Lies Interview Hrh March



It Was All About To Get Sordid Down At Hrh Aor But We Told No Lies As We Caught Up With Sordid Lies Frontman  Valen Vain.



Werockwebzine:: Hello, have you been busy?

Sordid Lies:: Delightfully so, i’d rather be busy now than later on, when i want to see the bands.

Werockwebzine:: Is it your first time here?

Sordid Lies:: No i was here last year as a punter which was great, i loved it, i don’t remember much of it but i loved it.

Werockwebzine:: Your show are you looking forward to it?

Sordid Lies:: That’s an understatement, yeah it’s gonna be great, because i had such a good time here last year as a punter and i got to know so many people, so i know the vibe is already gonna be amazing so having been here the past couple of days i’m like oh it’s gonna be fantastic.

Werockebzine:: You can’t wait to get on stage.

Sordid Lies:: Oh brilliant it’s going to be amazing, absolutely amazing.

Werockwebzine:: How did ‘Sordid Lies’ come about?

Sordid Lies:: Basically we originally had two guitarists and they decided to form this sleazy, glam metal party band, then they approached me because according to them they were looking for someone who was arrogant, up there own backside, completely cocky, full of themselves a little bit cheeky on the side, singing wasn’t a requirement they just needed the vibe, so yeah they grabbed me then we grabbed ‘Danny Stix’ the drummer and ‘Cap’ for bass, ‘Captain Cliche’ as he is known as.

Werockwebzine:: With the hat.

Sordid Lies:: Yeah yeah the pirate hat, so he walked into the audition wearing the pirate hat, i was like i don’t care how he is, he’s got it he’s got the audacity to walk into an audition wearing a pirate hat i just don’t care he’s in, he can be crap fortunately he’s very good i’m very happy with him.

Werockwebzine:: That’s a plus point, That’s a bonus.

Sordid Lies:: Yeah exactly.

Werockwebzine:: Who are your influences?

Sordid Lies:: We all have different influences so we have a real ecliptic it mix of people so we’ve got like, ‘Dr Lix’ on guitar he’s very much ‘Iron Maiden’ ‘Judas Priest’ like old school classic metal. Then the ‘Cap’ he’s got ‘Pink Cream 69’ the old 80’s but like borderline power ballads sort of hair metal, then i’m very much ‘Mr Big’ like a bit of ‘Santa Cruz’ ‘Reckless Love’.

Werockwebzine:: I would of thought a bit of ‘David Lee Roth’.

Sordid Lies:: Definitely definitely ‘David Lee Roth’ is a massive inspiration of mine. Then of course we’ve got our drummer ‘Danny Stix’ who’s really into ‘Five Finger Death Punch’ it’s real ecliptic mix.

Werockwebzine:: What can we expect to see from your new e.p ‘Out Of Order’?

Sordid Lies:: The long awaited new e.p, we were meant to release it last year but we just got so bogged down doing gigs and stuff we never actually managed to finish recording it, but it’s all recorded it’s in production, post production or however you put it, i don’t know the technical terms i leave that to the technical guys. I’m the ponce at the front i don’t need any of that stuff. So yeah it’s good it’s got four tracks on it, there classic ones that everyone loves it got ‘Party All Night’ a good old classic which you’ll be hearing later on, ‘Eyes Of Rapture’ ‘Fist Of An Angry God’ and ‘Sleaze Rock Sinner’ which is always a good one.

Werockwebzine:: Sound like good old 80’s sleaze tracks.

Sordid Lies:: It’s the best way man it’s the best way.

Werockwebzine:: Do you have plans certainly at the moment to release a full length album?

Sordid Lies:: Yes we do, so we started planning we got all the tracks of the album pre recorded as it were, cause ‘Dr Lix’ in his little surgery of music, he’s got all the stuff, pre recorded everything sent that over to the drummer he records everything on like all the drum tracks and stuff then we work up from there, we’ve pretty got all the tracks now pre-recorded, but i can’t tell you what it’s going to be called i’m not involved in that bit (laughs), i do what i’m told and leave all the important decisions to someone important.

Werockwebzine:: So it’s just the new e.p for now?

Sordid Lies:: Yeah just the new e.p for now.

Werockwebzine:: Maybe later in the year?

Sordid Lies:: Definitely yeah like i’m quite concentrated on the fact we need an album out there, we need a full length, full feature we’ve got two e.p’s. Let’s work on getting something sorted out.

Werockwebzine:: And maybe a tour for the fans, which is growing your fan base is growing every show you play.

Sordid Lies:: Definitely, it is very much so, to be fair every where we go people are like oh hey you are the guys from ‘Sordid Lies’ and we’re like hi, hows it going.

Werockwebzine:: From the rock city of Hull.

Sordid Lies:: Exactly, oh well city of the uncultured 2017.

Werockwebzine:: Are you attending Hair Metal Heaven.

Sordid Lies:: That’s the plan, we’re not playing unfortunately but the plan is to go and get battered and completely revel in the hair metal foray

Werockwebzine:: With your first e.p ‘Vanity Project’ it was sleazy, raunchy with a slight hint of the 80s, can we expect more of the same from ‘Out Of Order’?

Sordid Lies:: Slight hint i like that, definitely it’s all the same sort of thing, because we have so many different influences so our music gets quite varied which is good for a good reason it keeps the fans interested, it keeps us interested when we’re playing on stage, as you know everyone’s seen bands where your like ok there bored to be playing now and as soon as that happens it loses the vibe and the audience lose interest, and we’re definitely not going to do that. We stay interested we enjoy playing smashing stuff out. We’ve just written a couple of new tracks that you will be hearing today which will be good, which is ‘Don’t Wake Me’ and ‘Rev It Up’. ‘Rev It Up’ we’ve played at one gig before and we’re debuting ‘Don’t Wake Me’ tonight.

Werockwebzine:: Do you find that a little bit nerve wracking playing a new track?

Sordid Lies:: I’m not a nervous person, i’m one of these freaks that naturally don’t get nervous at all.

Werockwebzine:: So you just take it as goes?

Sordid Lies:: Exactly Exactly just like let’s see what happens, get on stage and go with the flow. I can imagine for the other boys in can be quite nerve wracking. I know ‘Doc’ he’s very much a perfectionist i think it comes from being a doctor, he’s a doctor in life as well.

Werockwebzine:: So he’s a real doctor.

Sordid Lies:: Yeah he’s a real doctor he does important stuff that he definitely wouldn’t trust the rest of us doing. He’s very much a perfectionist he won’t let anything on stage until it’s absolutely ready, which suits me fine i’d much rather put on a fantastic set of shows.

Werockwebzine:: Do you find the creativity the lyrical and musical creativity is that down to one person or is it a whole group thing?

Sordid Lies:: No it’s very much a collective mix, very much all of us putting together, we very much leave each area to each individual so guitars ‘Doc’ sorts, ‘Caps’ on the bass and ‘Danny’ on drums, leave them to it and they leave me to the lyrics which suits me, don’t step on my toes and i won’t step yours. We do talk about stuff as well, if something doesn’t sound right one way we’ll chat about it, see different ways to do stuff.

Werockwebzine:: So you always run it by each other first?

Sordid Lies:: Definitely yeah.

Werockwebzine:: You have been touring and on the touring circuit for a while now and supported a few bands, who do you feel is your most favourite?

Sordid Lies:: Ooohh!!!! that’s a good question. I don’t know you’ve put me on the spot. I would say one of the favourite bands is playing two bands after us ‘Saints Of Sin’ those boys because they put on such a good show as well. We played with them in Sheffield really enjoyed there set we raised the bar high it was just absolutely fantastic.

Werockwebzine:: The first time i saw you play was with ‘Mitch Malloy’.

Sordid Lies:: ‘Mitch Malloy’ that was a surreal one as well because ‘Kaato’ couldn’t unfortunately play so we ended up playing a spontaneous extended set, which we were not ready for so we was just like ok let’s go, let’s go crazy. Wow that was definitely a fun one the crowd really gelled with it as well.

Werockwebzine:: We enjoyed that one as well.

Sordid Lies:: Thank you very much.

Werockwebzine:: Who is the driving force behind ‘Sordid Lies’?

Sordid Lies:: In regards to inspiration or in regards to us?

Werockwebzine:: Yeah in regards to inspiration song writing.

Sordid Lies:: I would say music wise we got through phases so every so often one of us will go like we need to get some new music we need to get some sorted. I like driving gigs cause i love playing gigs so i’m just like get us more gigs, get us more gigs, but i would say our manager to be fair he does his job, he pushes and pushes we leave him to it we will do whatever you want us to, he’s good very much get’s us loads of gigs and pushes the rest of it as well.

Werockwebzine:: What does the future hold for ‘Sordid Lies’?

Sordid Lies:: Future so we have, we’re in a battle of the bands which i always find really weird it’s ‘metal to the masses’ so it’s for ‘Bloodstock’, which is going to be really interesting us being a particularly flamboyant glam band if we get through to ‘Bloodstock’ i’m not sure how the elitist metal heads will take us but we don’t really care.

Werockwebzine:: I think they’ve seen worse at ‘Bloodstock’

Sordid Lies:: It’s the best way, i’s the best way. Then we’re playing ‘Sunk-fest’ which we played about 2-3 years ago, which started as this little gig in somebodies garden just outside ‘Hull’ and it’s just grown and grown i think it’s there 10th anniversary this year and they pulled us in just because we’re a party band. Then later on in the year god knows i leave that to ‘Jason’ our manager.

Werockwebzine:: Have you got a message for the fans?

Sordid Lies:: Yeah, never ever ever stop dreaming, if we stopped dreaming when we should have stopped dreaming when everyone was like we better get serious jobs now, we would never have done what we are doing now. So no matter how hard it is how difficult it looks or ow problematic it can be just push yourselves the more you push yourselves the better your gonna be and better results you’ll get.

Werockwebzine:: Thank you very much for your time.

Sordid Lies:: That’s quite alright, thank you.


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