SPARZANZA ‘Announcing the End’

“Announcing The End” – does the title seem like a punch to the gut? Good, that’s exactly the point. But the punch should feel musical and not like a sudden end that shuts everything down. The story behind Announcing The End  is slightly magical and completely unexpected. The album is an emergence in a new form, looking towards a new future. Sparzanza has come to the time in their existence to take a new form.

Having a solid career behind them gave them the space to test new limits and let more people participate in the colossal wall of sound that has been the bands signature since 2007’s ‘Banisher Of The Light.’ Sparzanza needed to find their hunger and rip up the book and look at their music in a new light.


”We left for Spain and worked on the album under a strict work schedule,’ says bassist, Johan Carlsson. ”Instead of piecing all the ideas afterwords, we wrote everything together. It was 9 to 5 everyday and it felt like a competition to produce. We met in the morning and divided into groups which then worked on writing together. In the evening we met up and went through everything together. The next day we would switch groups and it continued so for the whole week. Very relaxed and unbelievably creative.”
01 Announcing The End
02 Damnation
03 Whatever Come May Be
04 Vindication
05 The Trigger
06 Breathe In The Fire
07 One Last Breath
08 To the One
09 The Dark Appeal
10 We Are Forever
11 Truth Is A Lie

”To do something completely new with Announcing The End was a real challenge,” continues drummer Anders Åberg. ”Horrifying but at the same time enormously inspiring. To speed up a process that took forever to only a week really turns up the pressure to deliver. For our fans and ourselves. To push yourself daily with a clear cut deadline was extremely cool and created new ideas both expected and unexpected.”

”Thus became “announcing the end” and the result was unlike anything we had done before” finishes up Carlson. ”Take the title track for example. No one would believe it was written with a view of the Mediterranean. Fans however need not be worried, a great view didn’t tarnish the darkness that is to be expected.”

The album is not just geared towards Europe. The album was written with high ambitions and sights set on conquering North America.

What Sparzanza has accomplished on their eighth album has been a long time coming. Cut the cord and free fall. Do it their way. Announcing The End is the first chapter in the new story of Sparzanza.


Fredrik Weileby – Vocals
Calle Johannesson – Guitars
Magnus Eronen – Guitars
Johan Carlsson – Bass
Anders Åberg – Drums