Sparzanza release new single ‘Vindication

Sparzanza released their eighth studio album, “Announcing The End” in October last year. The first single, “Vindication”, from the new album “Announcing the End” got more than 830 000 Spotify streams and the second single and title track of the album, “Announcing The End” got it’s own Bladerunner 2049 tribute music video with local actors from the band’s home town Karlstad. To follow up the album release the band has been touring in Germany, Spain, Sweden and Finland with more shows to come.

Now the EDM DJ Zardonic has made a new version of the first single from Announcing The End. With the remix of “Vindication” Zardonic has brought the song to a whole different level and genre.



“This is the first time we are letting another artist do a remix of one of our songs. We wanted something that was really different, but still a heavy sound. The remix by Zardonic takes the essence of “Vindication” and mixes it with heavy beats that almost makes your heart stop!”// Sparzanza



Zardonic is primarily known for his heavy electronic dance music. He is dubbed as Venezuela’s top DJ act with releases peaking at #1 in Beatport’s Drum & Bass releases of the week and Amazon’s Hard Rock & Metal Bestsellers. He has previously been working with Sparzanza’s record label, Despotz Records where he’s made successful remixes of songs from Skarlett Riot, Corroded, Sonic Syndicate, The Unguided and Nightrage.

Huge guitars, high-octane pile-driving energy, choruses that wind around melodies that you can’t get out of your head and a darkness that never lets up – these well-known elements of Sparzanza’s music mean that their fan base is growing. The band’s street team “Black Cult” have outposts all over the world and together with the band, they can take pride in a twenty year career filled with explosive metal, prestigious award nominations, successful tours and radio appearances.


Sparzanza is:
Calle Johannesson – Guitar
Anders Åberg – Drums
Johan Carlsson – Bass
Fredrik Weileby – Singer
Magnus Eronen – Guitar