Spreading The Disease ‘Insurrection’ Review

Artist- Spreading The Disease

Album- Insurrection

Genre- Metal/Thrash

Release Date-Out Now


Kent based hard metallers ‘Spreading The Disease’ have released their first full length album titled ‘Insurrection’ and its an album that offers every emotion and from the outset ‘Find My Path’ you are treated to the angry snarling vocals of ‘Connor Russell Snyder’ almost like he has ordered a chinese sweet and sour and you have filled it with razor blades and he is pretty pissed off about it from the sullen soulful ‘Cant Let Go’ with a blues fuelled guitar solo and soulfully crisp vocal arrangement to the full on in your face double kick drums and satanic like vocals of ‘Words Unspoken’ with a harmonic singalong chorus to pump your loins before the next demonic cry ‘ Whores Of War’ with an almost Dio like guitar intro that fades to the faint whisper of angry vocals which soon erupts into an assault on your ears and senses with added angry drums bass and guitar adding to an anti war like cry filled with politically charged lyrics.

Rating 8