STEELAWAKE Drag Us Inside Their Self-Titled Debut Album

Italian alternative rock band Steelawake are ready to release their self-titled debut album worldwide via Sliptrick Records.

Steelawake collects all the groups feelings and emotions and expresses them through the music. This was unexpected, as they didn’t follow any particular genre that may be in trend at the moment but ended up with a cohesive album that encapsulates the band at this moment and time. Steelawake are proud of every song they’ve recorded for this and believe that they are unique from each other and interesting in their own ways. The group recorded the album at Magnitude Studio with their amazing producer Matteo Magni.


01. Run And Hide
02. Who You Are
03. Hot Mess
04. Dragging You Inside
05. Empty Eyes
06. Not Alright
07. Had Enough
08. See The Demons
09. Anything
10. Nothing Left To Say
11. Save Me
12. Right Where I Belong
13. Lost Forever


Steelawake contains 13 tracks of alternative rock, melodic and powerful at the same time. The tracks have a strong and raw male voice combined with clear and sweet female background vocals. Steelawake is who they are right now and the starting point for what’s to come!

Steelawake | Released October 20th, 2018 on Sliptrick Records

Steelawake are:
Matteo Piacenti – Vocals/Guitar | Daline Diwald – Vocals/Guitar | Stefano Guandalini – Bass/Backing vocals | Piero Impalli – Drums