Stop Stop! HRH Sleaze Interview

The Sleaze Stage 2 Closers Were There To Make Us Stop Stop!!!! But When They Hit The Stage  We Just Had To Rock We Just Couldn’t Stop Stop

WeRockWebzine:: Hi Guys Are You Looking Forward To The Show?

Stop Stop:: Oh Yes We Are Yes.

WeRockWebzine:: How Have Your Experiences So Far Of HRH Compared To The Other Festivals?

Stop Stop:: Oh Well It Is Different Because You Get To Play With Loads Of Bands With HRH From Everywhere In The World, Maybe In The U.K You Play With Other U.K Bands, And It’s Always Good To Meet Other People From All Other Places In The World And Everybody’s Friendly So It’s Good Stuff.

WeRockWebzine:: You Seem To Tour The U.K Quite Consistently, What Is It About The British Crowds That Bring You Back?

Stop Stop:: Well British Crowds Gave Us The First Chance In Our Lives You Know. We Left Everything Behind In Barcelona 6 Years Ago And We Moved To The U.K With Just A Van, We Bought The Van With The Money From Everything We Sold. We Just Moved Here We Were Homeless, We Started Playing Everywhere For Nothing And One Fan Became Two Fans, Two Fans Became Four Fans And So On For 6 Years. This Is Working Because The U.K Has A Very Very Good Life Like The Music Scene. You Can Play In Any Part Of The Country And They Respect You And Make Everything Easy For You To Play And That Was It We Found It Very Very Good. We Just Came For It And See What Happened And We Lost Everything So It Was Just One Way Up And It Seems Now We Are Making A Living With Our Music Thanks To The U.K Basically So We Are So So So So Grateful To The U.K Fans.

WeRockWebzine:: So It Was A Risk Worth Taking?

Stop Stop:: Yeah Yeah In The U.K You Guys Have Got Rock N Roll As Culture It’s Different In Other Places And That Helped A Lot.

WeRockWebzine:: Long Long Days On The Road And A Few Vans, Do You Have Any Stories To Share?

Stop Stop:: We Should Write A Book, It’s Been As I Told You Before We Were Living In A Van From Those Days In The Beginning It Was Freezing Cold For Three Spaniards, Three Bastards From Spain, It Was Terrible For Us Until We Got Used To It We Were Trembling Inside Our Sleeping Bags, It Was Cooking In The Middle Of The Street Or A Dead End Street Or Something Like That.

WeRockWebzine:: How Is It Now, Is That Still The Same?

Stop Stop:: No No We Now Make A Living With Our Music It’s Been A Long Time Since We Left Living In The Van. We’ve Got The Van We Just Travel With The Van Now And We’ve Got A Beautiful House In Birmingham So Happy Days.

WeRockWebzine:: When Did You First Pick Up Your Instruments And Who Was Your Inspiration To Do So?

Stop Stop:: Jacob ” Well For Me I Was 6 Years Old And I Just Picked A Tape From My Dads Collection And That Changed My Life Forever, The Song Put Me On High, And My Dad Was A Musician And He Had Some Instruments At Home One Of Them Was The Bass And I Started Playing Bass. I Spent Long Long Time Playing Bass Making Like Up And Down All The Wrong Way But I Sort Of Create My Own Style So That Was The Beginning”

WeRockWebzine:: So Pretty Much Self Taught?

Stop Stop:: Yes Self Taught And Thanks To My Dad.

Stop Stop:: Danny ”Pretty Similar In My Case There Was Always Been Music Following My Dad Was A Rock Fan As Well, He Did The Drums When He Was Younger Just A Little Bit Just For Fun. When I Was 12 He Had A Band In Spain At The Time And One Day I Said I Wanna Go To One Of Your Rehearsals Just Because I Wanted To And Yeah I Just Found The Drums Really Funny Because It’s Like Hitting Stuff.

WeRockWebzine:: I Get Paid To Hit These.

Stop Stop:: Laughing Yeah Yeah Beat The Shit Out Of It, The Harder You Hit It The Better So I Was Like OOOOHHHHHH. I like Doing That And I Was Self Taught As Well.

Stop Stop:: Vega ” One Day When I Was 14 I Had A Mate Who Used To Do A Little Show In Some Bands Like Guns ‘n’ Roses, So I Start Playing Drums I Realised I Was Shit Playing Drums So I Change To The Guitar” Jacob ” He Shit On The Guitar As Well We Are Shit On Everything We Do But You Know We Have Fun, Yeah Definitely”

WeRockWebzine:: At Least Your Playing On The Stage I Didn’t Get Any Further Than The Front Room.

Stop Stop::  Laughing!Yeah Yeah Yeah.

WeRockWebzine:: I Realised I Was Shit On Guitar And Shit On Drums.

Stop Stop:: Laughing!!

WeRockWebzine:: You Recently Released ‘Barceloningham’ How Did The Name For That Album Come About?

Stop Stop:: We Started The Band In Barcelona And We First Found Our Place In Birmingham After 6 Years Of When We Started. We Built The Following And Got Based In Birmingham, So We Wanted To Create A Place That Everybody’s Welcome, These Days Everybody’s So Worried About Putting Borders And Borders And We Wanted To Break All Those Things And All The Rules And Create A Place That You Can Feel Free To Do Whatever You Like And No Politicians Are Telling You It’s Bad.

WeRockWebzine:: It Only Exists Because Of You.

Stop Stop:: Exactly It’s What Happens At The Gigs We Play Our Music And With The Music You Can Bring People Together And That’s What We Wanted To Create A Place Where Everyone Can Feel Free And Just Feel There’s A Party Going On. We Went For That And We Got The Album It’s Recorded With Just One Guitar One Bass Drums And Vocals.

WeRockWebzine:: Do You Have A Standout Track That You Personally Like As Your Favourite?

Stop Stop:: I Don’t Think We Have Any Favourite Tracks It’s Like Kids You Know, Each Kid Is Different And You Love Them All, There Are Some More Emotional Than Others, Some Are More Party Mood Than Others Some More Funny Or Quicker Or Slower Tempos So They All Have Something That You Enjoy.

WeRockWebzine:: So Depends What Mood Your In To What Song You Like Best?

Stop Stop:: Exactly Exactly.

WeRockWebzine:: Who Takes On The Song Writing Duties Or Is It Shared?

Stop Stop:: Jacob ”I’m Doing The Songwriting Myself But When I Got The Song Almost Done They Come And Destroy It The Fucking Guitar Player And Drummer They Do There Shit (Laughs) They Make It Something Particular.

WeRockWebzine:: That’s Not What Was Going On In My Head.

Stop Stop:: Laughing!! It’s Good Because If You Do Just One Thing It’s Boring, It Becomes There’s Or Our Thing It Get’s Funny.


WeRockWebzine:: It’s Your Own Little Touch?

WeRockWebzine:: What Keeps You Guys Motivated?

Stop Stop:: That’s A Good Question, I Don’t Know, I Think When You Start Playing Music Or An Instrument You Are Amazed You Find Something Awesome In That, It’s The Little Thing You Have Inside You That Makes You It Doesn’t Matter If You Play An Instrument Or Just A Listener You Know It Keeps You Going Like That Because There’s Something That Makes You Happy And Something That Gives You Power To Wake Up Every Day And Face The World. After The Gigs When Somebody Tells You How Each Song Maybe That Song Means A Lot To Them Makes Things Happier Things Like That It Makes All The Sense. We Do Music To Make The People Happy Without That People Are Plain With That It’s Beautiful It’s Like Something Magical.

WeRockWebzine:: Seeing People Smiling Enjoying The Music Is Great.

Stop Stop:: Is The Best The Best In The World.

WeRockWebzine:: What Do You Guys Hope For Your Future?

Stop Stop:: Future, Well I Don’t Know, Just Live For Today, You Know What We’ve Been Living For Today Since We Left Everything Behind When We First Started I Could Never Have Said What We Have Done What We Have Achieved. We Have Achieved Loads Of Things Than We Could Ever Imagine So We Keep Doing Because When You Love What Your Doing You Do What You Love It’s Something That Moves You That Gives You Wheels To Keep Going And That’s What We Do. Keep Digging Sure There’s Going To Be A New Album Going On Soon, Tours Going To Be More Effective More Gigs That’s What We Do We Could Say No But You Just Have To Say Yes.

WeRockWebzine:: Is There Anywhere You Haven’t Played That You Would Love To Play ?

Stop Stop:: Like A Festival Or ?

WeRockWebzine:: Yeah.

Stop Stop:: All Of Them. We Love To Bring Our Music And Our Party Mood To Everybody, So Any Place Is Good For Us.

WeRockWebzine:: Brilliant Thank You Very Much Guys.

Stop Stop:: Thank You Very Much Guys.