Summers Interview HrH Aor March.


It was early springtime in Pwllheli but we manged to catch the Summers after a blistering set it was a welcome return with a brand new look, Check Out What They Had To Say:


Werockwebzine:: Wow what an amazing show guys. Did you enjoy it?
Summers::  Yeah brilliant good to be back.
Werockwebzine:: Brilliant show.
Summers:: Yeah, did you see it?
Werockwebzine:: I did yeah.
Summers:: We didn’t know what it sounded like out the front, it’s very different obviously on stage did it sound good?
Werockwebzine:: Yeah it did fantastic.
Summers:: That’s the main thing.

Werockwebzine:: Now opening such an event like HrH is daunting for anyone so how was it for you, how did it feel to you?
Summers:: It’s our first gig with the new members, so it was quite a big thing really wasn’t it. Obviously it’s an honour especially with the bands and the lineup and everything so are just pleased to be asked, we have played it a couple of times before, but i think it was nicer opening it than playing in the middle of the pack.
Werockwebzine:: Any nerves before?
Summers:: There’s a few jitters from some members. I was very very nervous being the youngest, but it was one those you just get on and do it. Soon as you do the first song and the first beats kick in you forget everything and just crack on and do it. it was great and we really enjoyed it.As the first band we get to do a sound check so that was good. But it didn’t stop things going wrong a couple of technical issues but you can’t help those you plough through and carry on.
Werockwebzine:: Do you have any rituals or anything that you do before you go on stage that sort of settles you down?


Summers:: Crash has got some brilliant vocal warm ups i heard them earlier in the caravan, there embarrassing, no there great. I think it’s more about us trying to sort our hair out. We don’t really have anything we just sit and like run around and play instruments, we just get anxious we are always ready to early and sit around like come on we just want to get on.
Werockwebzine:: You just want to be on stage.
Summers:: Yeah yeah.
Werockwebzine:: Since your first gig which i believe was a church hall, you have gone on to tour extensively including festivals and a tour in America hows the rise been, how’s is affected you as a band personally?
Summers:: It’s allowed us to do events like this so obviously the more exposure we’ve had the better it’s been, the American tour was an unbelievable experience just getting out there and playing to it, to be fair in America it’s a different sort of crowd but they absolutely loved it, they got what we was trying to do which was great and lot like you guys everyone understands it sort of thing, it’s actually more mainstream maybe over in America, where as here it’s not quite out there.
Werockwebzine:: It’s kinda hard for an English band any band to make it in America and for them to hear what your playing.
Summers:: I think our best gig when we went there we was supporting ‘Molly Hatchet’ and that was great because obviously they had quite a big following so people didn’t know us but the response afterwards was just fantastic, even the guys themselves were impressed they came out to the sides they were like we weren’t expecting that.
Werockwebzine:: How does that make you feel when you’ve got the fans there screaming the songs?
Summers:: That’s the best praise, we was actually saying before hand cause we threw a couple of the new ones in that we are working on at the moment. You can always tell if it’s a good catchy song if people are singing it back to you by the second chorus then you know your onto a winner if not your like go back to the drawing board and that’s how we do it now. It’s nice for me when you first pick up an acoustic and you think I’ve got an idea for a song and it goes the whole process then your singing it live and you’ve got people singing it back to you and your thinking that just came to me randomly when i was driving one day and now you’ve got your fans singing it back to you it’s a good process. What about you guys as well it’s your first time with the Summers. Yeah we are obviously new to the band since they last toured and gigged we have been working pretty extensively on the album exclusively on the album. I think the band has taken a slight change of direction with the new material try and modernise it a little bit try and keep up with what we call it hip and all that kind of stuff rather than getting stuck in that rut of writing the same old tracks so i think it’s probably from my perspective writing wise or being involved in the writing process, it’s like Ricky and I experience with writing quite differently, so coming together to write in the way we are now is quite a cool things and we’re gonna bounce ideas around with each other and yeah its good.

Werockwebzine:: And your all adding your own little bit?
Summers:: Hopefully trying to add a bit of a new dynamic we are inevitably going to as there is only two original members of the band. A lot has changed but hopefully change is good.
Werockwebzine:: You bring a lot 80s sounding vocal harmonies and rock riffs, is this where your influences lie?
Summers:: Yeah i would say the majority, yeah just good melodies, most of the good melodies, songs have all got that lovely harmony, that big singalong chorus like Def Leppard i’m very influenced by Mutt Lange. Obviously AC/DC, Bryan Adams, Def Leppard they just got those big bags of harmonies and lovely all those can sing so it adds a lot to it. We all want to sing so when we come to do a song there like where’s my part what am i singing we all get involved so, we was just saying it’s like a big tick list what needs to go into a ‘Summers’ song and when we was just going through it, big vocals heavy riffs and stuff like that.
Werockwebzine:: When can we expect to see your new album hit the stores?
Summers:: That’s the question of the day that is. Hot topic. We’re looking this year we gonna try to get some videos out sooner rather than later and some singles out sooner rather than later as well, start building up to the album i want it this year, November is in my head, ohhhh!!!!! he is committed to that.
Werockwebzine:: Certainly should be this year.
Summers:: Yeah hopefully.
Werockwebzine:: You actually answered half of that question when you was on stage, have you decided on a title yet?
Summers:: No nothing yet we still haven’t decided on a track list yet. No we haven’t we keep going backwards and forwards we was saying the other day we were thinking Better Late Than Never it seems to work. 364 took us 364 days to do from start to finish.
Werockwebzine:: With your debut album 364 there was an instant foot tapping, hair raising singalong tracks when we expect the same or slightly different?
Summers:: Yeah we’ve got a bit of everything, always a catchy chorus something you guys can singalong to, just hooks constant hooks, think we’re gonna look for a few more groovy, we’ve got Toby now on drums and he can really bring a different flavour to it and we can groove things a bit more now, i think we’re gonna look for more groovy sort of tracks. I think naturally when you infuse new members into the band it immediately takes a different direction regardless of whether you wanted to or not, one way or another. And i think part of the reason why it’s taken so long is 1 obviously we’re all busy trying to keep our lives pay the mortgage pay the bills and all that kind of thing and on top of that it’s trying to establish exactly where we want the album to go so as part of that the whole kind of new sound, as your writing your kinda going this and then this and before you know it you’ve moved onto something completely different to what you started. That’s really important to us to get that sound exactly where we want it before we start pushing stuff out, we’ve got to be confident before we release anything. If we don’t like what we’re doing then we can’t expect other people to, at least if we love it and everyone else says rubbish, do you know what i mean at the end of the day we’ve done what we think best and what we really enjoy and that’s the way see it.
Werockwebzine:: You can’t put your heart into it on stage if your not really confident.
Summers:: Confident that’s it.
Werockwebzine:: In your careers so far what would you say is a high point?

Summers:: Would be when we was on earlier the stage was very big (we all laugh). The tour of America was great but then supporting ‘Tyketto’ was fantastic as well and such lovely guys, Bonfire as well that was a great tour that was fantastic. Again it’s the support of the bands as well that’s a high point, we’ve got quite a few loyal fans who keep in contact all the time, come to every gig. Things like these sorts of festivals are great though it gets you out there get chatting to people and get to meet loads of new fans and old fans, well there not just fans there friends so that’s exactly what it is that’s why i love this it’s a big community. Ricky me personally i’m a big kiss fan and we did a radio show in New York and the guy presenting it asked if i would mind playing bass for this young guy, he said it’s his first radio show and wondered if you would play bass with him it’s Evan Stanley he’s Paul Stanley’s son and me being a big kiss fan thought that was absolutely amazing did my best not to pester him with ‘you know your dad’ that was brilliant to sit there and jam with him.
Werockwebzine:: What’s next for the future of ‘Summers’?
Summers:: Get the album done, yeah hopefully the album we’ll start there and move on. That’s our priority now and be a lot more out there we’re back doing what we love. The albums coming soon, be in everyone’s face until your sick of us.
Werockwebzine:: It’s been a long time it’s been too long. Glad to see you all back new band.
Summers:: Cool there good guys though,, ohhh!!!!! thanks we do try there was almost some conviction in your voice there. That was the toughest lie i ever told.
Werockwebzine:: We look forward to the new album and thank you very much for your time.
Summers:: Cool Thank you. Thank you very much.


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