SUPERCHARGER Release New Video Single ‘OFF WE GO’

SUPERCHARGER’s 3rd single OFF WE GO is being released on April 13th.
A song that tells the story about leaving the port of their hometown. And nothing is holding them back, now they got rid of the chains that tied them to the studio for too long. Raising the anchor, setting sails, searching the wide horizons across Europe for new adventures. Lose yourself and join in on a journey to discovering the old band in a new light! Don’t you wanna do it?

OFF WE GO is a revisit to the old SUPERCHARGER vibe as you know it, but also an exploration into a world of samples that gives a new edge to SUPERCHARGER. OFF WE GO is the opening track of REAL MACHINE, SUPERCHARGER’s 4th studio album, which will be on the streets June 1st.



17/05 Jungle Club, Cologne
18/05 Kult-Ur Open Air, Kirchheim unter Teck
19/05 Schraub-Bar, Bückeburg
25/05 Rare Guitar, Münster
26/05 Monkey club, Hamburg
08/06 Cadillac, Oldenburg

more dates to come..