TANKOGRAD Reveals Debut Album Details.

Godz Ov War Productions officially announce yet another carpet bombing scheduled for February 2, 2019. This part of the spring siege will be carried out by Tankograd, a formation hailing from shellshocked Poland, founded in 2015 and now comprising former and current members of such troops as Major Kong, Dopelord and Loathfinder.

Tankograd’s debut full length ‘Totalitarian’ was recorded at Nebula Studio in November 2018 by Maciej Karbowski, and further mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio. It is a totally unobvious, intriguing and engaging, fierce and merciless psychedelic doom metal attack aimed at all the kolkhoz children out there, wrapped up in a digipack CD shell, with a cover and layout by Michał Skuła.

The strike will be carried out by the following ordance units
1. Ostatni Sen Joachima
2. Arkhangelsk
3. Lot Do Kraju
4. Żelazne Trumny
5. Mir

Before the final assault, take a mind-blowing, post-traumatic flight to find your shelter:

Below you will find the coordinates and dates of the upcoming bombings:
02/02 Warszawa, Chmury
03/02 Toruń, Dwa Światy
15/02 Olsztyn, Nowy Andergrant
16/02 Płock, Rock 69
17/02 Gdańsk, Wydział Remontowy

Tankograd are:
Herr Feldgrau – Guitar, Vocals
Herr Berg – Guitar
Herr Schnitt – Bass
Herr Doktor – Drums